A whirlwind walking tour of Glasgow city centre | #YOYP2018

As someone who grew up not far from Glasgow, studied there and then swapped it for Edinburgh, I’ve experienced both of Scotland’s most noted cities. Glasgow is unpretentious, sprawling and insanely underrated by international visitors; whilst Edinburgh is its obviously beautiful opposite, with its Old and New Towns and more reserved inhabitants. At the end of November, I was invited on a bloggers’ press trip … Continue reading A whirlwind walking tour of Glasgow city centre | #YOYP2018

The Scotlanders take on Outlander!

Exciting news, folks! I can finally share that next weekend (26-27 August) myself and a group of Scotland travel bloggers will be hitting the roads to bag filming locations from the iconic TV series Outlander! This will see us rack up about 700 miles collectively as the six of us (with two guest Scotlanders, Instagrammer Kristy Ashton and Sophie of Ooh My World) attempt to visit almost … Continue reading The Scotlanders take on Outlander!

Where to stop on the Borders Railway

Sometimes, when you’re sitting in an office most of the day, you forget how beautiful nature is. The season when this contrast is most apparent is autumn. Jump in the car after a day at work, and your background is sandstone tenements, modern blocks or city shopfronts. It takes the weekend — and escaping the town — to breathe fresh air, see the seasons swerve … Continue reading Where to stop on the Borders Railway

Five favourites: Scottish Instagrammers

I confess: I’m an Instagram addict. When I got my first smartphone years ago, I was hooked: always on the lookout for that elusive square, finding the beauty in scenes I’d previously ignored, downloading editing software like there was no tomorrow. Things have changed massively since I joined back in 2014, with digital influencers appearing on the scene and the word instafamous coined for those making … Continue reading Five favourites: Scottish Instagrammers

Review: Le Haggis at Dumfries’ Big Burns Supper

Billed as ‘Scotland’s sexiest cabaret show’, Le Haggis has returned to Dumfries’ Burns Night celebrations for the second year running. And we’re lucky enough to get a ticket! As we settle into the sold-out Spiegeltent, the lights dim, (real) haggis arrives to satisfy our stomachs, and then the show begins.

Continue reading “Review: Le Haggis at Dumfries’ Big Burns Supper”