Life in Fife: Little signs of spring

Yesterday we hiked up the hill behind our house. I say hike because this crag is far from a leisurely weekend stroll: the first part sees the walker take on a steep, leaf-lined trail before meeting a welcome flat pasture; from there, a grassy cattle road is joined and soon he or she is pointed in the direction of what is essentially a cow-trodden hillside, … Continue reading Life in Fife: Little signs of spring

An evening at Edinburgh’s Christmas market!

Over the past few weeks, winter has come to Edinburgh. Reports of the first frost on the Meadows; walks home with numb ears and breath clouding before me; the early sunsets that belie the true chill. I’d take a cold, dry day over rain every time and — as the weeks speed towards Christmas — this wintry weather is but encouraging my festive spirit (and … Continue reading An evening at Edinburgh’s Christmas market!

A guide to the ultimate Outlander road trip!

AD: This trip was kindly funded by VisitScotland. Even before Outlander first hit our screens back in 2014, one thing was crystal clear: Scotland is magical. Okay, the likelihood of travelling back in time through standing stones or meeting an entrantress in the pub is slim, but you just have to look at our country to be enthralled by its landscapes, history, castles and culture. … Continue reading A guide to the ultimate Outlander road trip!

The Scotlanders take on Outlander!

Exciting news, folks! I can finally share that next weekend (26-27 August) myself and a group of Scotland travel bloggers will be hitting the roads to bag filming locations from the iconic TV series Outlander! This will see us rack up about 700 miles collectively as the six of us (with two guest Scotlanders, Instagrammer Kristy Ashton and Sophie of Ooh My World) attempt to visit almost … Continue reading The Scotlanders take on Outlander!

#EdinBloom: Welcome back, festival season!

It’s August in Edinburgh and that can mean only one thing: the Festivals. I wrote recently about how, during summer in the Scottish capital, it feels like there is a party around every corner. In August, it’s that feeling on steroids. The city centre shakes with music, narrow streets shrink further with the crowds, tipsy tourists walk purposefully towards their next engagement, and artists of … Continue reading #EdinBloom: Welcome back, festival season!

Short and sweet: Solo walks in the city

It’s quiet here. All I can hear are the melodies of the songbirds and the slightly more discordant squawks of the gulls; the distant sound of traffic (rather like a long exhale) and the cold tap of something, somewhere, in the skeleton of our tenement flat near the city centre. Life has felt a bit lonely recently. My other half is working in Europe for … Continue reading Short and sweet: Solo walks in the city