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  • Three Isles Tour: How we visited 3 Scottish islands in 10 hours

    Ad: This complimentary trip was provided by West Coast Tours. Views are all my own. Ever wondered how it’s possible to visit 3 Scottish islands in just 10 hours? I can’t say I had either. Yet for us, this jam-packed mission was about to become a reality as we packed our overnight bag, left Edinburgh behind and […]

  • A short and sweet walk above Aberfoyle, Trossachs

    The Trossachs is one of my favourite areas of Scotland. Sitting north-east of Loch Lomond — about an hour from Glasgow — it’s a range of rolling hills, hidden lochs and cute cottages on the waterfront. It’s one of those ‘places of my childhood’. Do you know the ones I mean? Those hideaways you always […]

  • A wintry day hike up Fife’s East Lomond hill

    Walking in the Lomond Hills, near Falkland, Fife

    Winter in Scotland has been pretty half-hearted this year. We’ve had a few flurries, far more on the highest hills, but for those of us in Leith… well, it’s been non-existent. So when snow is forecast, us city dwellers do the obvious — chase it. Last weekend, we took the car over the Forth Road […]

  • A snowy hike up Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

    We are — very slowly — exploring Edinburgh. I can’t believe how long it takes to get used to a city. I can navigate parts of Leith, the New Town, even the Royal Mile, but the rest? It’s a mystery. Quite unlike our flat, which within a week, felt like home: dinners made, dishes washed, […]

  • Getting lost in the Trossachs

    I’m forever amazed at what a breath of fresh air can do for the soul. This week, we packed a bag of snacks, took jackets in case the sun disappeared, and drove north. Our destination was Aberfoyle, a small Trossachs town that boasts a lane of old-fashioned shops, cosy cafés and a profusion of natural […]