A postcard from… the Scottish Borders

Rather like Dumfries and Galloway, the Borders are a part of Scotland that may not feature on your immediate itinerary if your travel aims are to bag big mountains, wild coastlines and iconic castles. However — especially with the golden light and changing trees of autumn — the Scottish Borders are understated yet beautiful. Last weekend we decided to drive just an hour south of … Continue reading A postcard from… the Scottish Borders

On my bookshelf: Summer into autumn

Partly due to B returning from his stint abroad, and partly due to my lack of enthusiasm for social media at the moment, I have been returning to reading in a big way. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything better for the sanity (apart from perhaps walking through woodland as the leaves fall like snowflakes around you… right autumn enthusiasts?!). Below I’ve shared a few … Continue reading On my bookshelf: Summer into autumn

Getting ready for autumn in Scotland

Autumn is, without a doubt, my favourite time of the year. With the nights drawing in, the crisper mornings and — most importantly — the kaleidoscope of colours appearing everywhere, it truly is the most beautiful season (especially in Scotland). Despite not having had much of a summer (where exactly was the sun?!) I can’t help but be wishing the days away until the leaves … Continue reading Getting ready for autumn in Scotland

Short and sweet: Notes from the sofa

Happy weekend! I tap this to you from the couch where I’ve been stationed all day, nursing a gin hangover with Homeland and a gazillion cups of tea. After a weird week — starting with a bare to-do list but ending with a day of crazed storyboarding — I’ve welcomed the weekend with open arms. However, with the volatile weather, we’re unsure how we’ll spend our next few … Continue reading Short and sweet: Notes from the sofa

Short and sweet: Happy weekend!

As much as I love spending hours tapping stories on here, there’s something to be said for the ‘insta-blog’. I see these a lot on other websites; swift tales that are more like diary entries than fully-fledged articles. So I thought I might do something similar and start a series called short & sweet, which will basically be a place for my Friday night ramblings and wee life updates. … Continue reading Short and sweet: Happy weekend!

A few simple resolutions

I’m not usually one for bothering with the cliché, usually abandoned-in-January New Year’s resolution. But for some reason, 2017 feels different. Perhaps it’s knowing how hard last year was for us, or maybe it’s just December’s overeating spurring me on to try something new… Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to kick-starting 2017 with a fresh perspective. So here are my simple resolutions, alongside some … Continue reading A few simple resolutions