Scotland hashtag project | #storiesfromscotland


I’ve been playing around with hashtag ideas for a while. Regardless of the mockery hashtags sometimes endure (I’ve been there…) they are a pretty logical way to keep all your memories from one event, period of your life, or journey in the same place.

Over the past wee while, I’ve been debating about starting my own hashtag project specifically for use on Instagram. Like many other bloggers, Instagram is one of my favourite social channels as it’s so easy to find inspiration — whether that’s for travel, books or food — through hashtags. I also follow a few other online writers like Me & Orla and Freya Dowson, who have created hashtag projects that I’ve actively got involved with and loved.

Why? Well for me, the hashtag is a way of engaging with a community of people — whether big or small — who share the same outlook. So whether that’s about living #ALifeofIntention (Freya) or #ALoveForNaturesBest (I adore this hashtag), there is meaning behind each tag.

So I’m starting my own. I’m calling it #StoriesFromScotland. It will be a tag where people can share inspiring imagery from our beautiful wee country, accompanied by captions telling of a moment, feeling or journey they experienced when here. My aim, both through the hashtag and on this blog, is to put words to the sometimes indescribable, green bit of earth we live on. It’s about trying to sum up Scotland and the emotion you experience when you’re here. It’s about sharing how you feel about this small but significant country, and reaching out to others who may never have visited.

I’d love you to get involved. I’ll be sharing my stories over on Instagram and elsewhere, and I may also repost some of my favourites across social media 🙂