Daffodils behind a wall, with a view to hills on the horizon

A reunion from the ruins

As the travel restrictions ease in Scotland, families can reunite. But returning to my childhood village brings both new discoveries and a reminder of what has been lost.

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A letter from the last few months

I’m not sure where the year has gone. How has time actually passed, despite the wild world we’re now living in? I ask myself this question all the time.

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A close up of bluebells surrounded by grass

Noticing nature and letting go of certainty

After a week of work — which involves creating content about the coronavirus for about 7 hours a day, which as you’ve guessed doesn’t provide much opportunity from switching off from the situation we currently find ourselves in — one of the weekend’s simplest pleasures is sitting in the kitchen with a coffee and toast,…

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A walk near home to mark the weekend

A quick blog based on yesterday’s evening stroll and the notes I took afterwards in a journal, scrawled vertically whilst lying in bed before midnight. The sky was hazy, like viewing it through condensation on glass. ‘Walk?’ B messaged me. We hadn’t done this yet, but this notion we had before we moved to Fife…

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Little signs of spring near home in Fife

Yesterday we hiked up the hill behind our house. I say hike because this crag is far from a leisurely weekend stroll: the first part sees the walker take on a steep, leaf-lined trail before meeting a welcome flat pasture; from there, a grassy cattle road is joined and soon he or she is pointed…

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Back to blogging, but not as I knew it

Hello — it’s been a while hasn’t it? (Haven’t you noticed the virtual tumbleweed around here?) Things have been changing, in both the online world and my life, and I’m sharing this to make sense of it all… Trying to find the words in a world of haste. Over the past few months I’ve exhaled…

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