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Mission statement

LARETOUR is a Scottish travel blog which aims to inspire travellers and outdoor lovers to discover the best bits of Scotland and beyond, all accompanied (of course) by cake, a good cup of tea and a book. The blog combines immersive travel writing and beautiful photography to encourage readers to experience a place for themselves.

Previous campaigns

LARETOUR has partnered with a variety of brands across tourism, food, culture and the outdoors to create informative yet inspiring posts, high-quality imagery and social media coverage. Past collaborations include:

  • Barbour
  • Visit Scotland
  • Historic Environment Scotland
  • Scots Magazine
  • Jamie’s Italian
  • Go Ape

Laura, the writer behind LARETOUR, is a social media manager with over 4 years’ collective experience in digital media. With a First Class M.A. in English Literature and French, she has a passion for sharing stories and engaging with the online community. Laura is also a member of the Scotlanders, Scotland’s first travel blogger collaboration.

Contact form

Got an idea or campaign proposal? Please get in touch! Unfortunately, LARETOUR does not feature guest posts or infographics. You may want to read this disclaimer before you send your awesome ideas through the ether!

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