Distancing #1: Losing my job and abandoning anxiety

We are all navigating a ‘new normal’. Like many, I don’t know how to process it — I can only write. Writing has always been cathartic for me, and so I am going to share a new series called Distancing. These blogs will be short notes, mostly taken from journal entries, and shared here. I hope you’re allContinue reading “Distancing #1: Losing my job and abandoning anxiety”

Short and sweet: That Friday feeling

This week has felt like the trials for an athletic event, albeit for the working mind. I’m in the qualifying stages, each day aiming to hit the required deadline, and only just making the mark. I have genuinely been leaving work with the blushed skin that follows exercise-induced breathlessness; the ink on my to-do listContinue reading “Short and sweet: That Friday feeling”

Short and sweet: Blue skies and fresh eyes

My ‘short and sweet’ series is for posts that I reel off, from my fingers to my screen, in record time. Little thoughts, memories, snapshots of my Scottish existence. Here is today’s entry. Lately I’ve been suffering from severely itchy feet. Metaphorically not literally, of course. With colleagues making the most of the off-season’s budgetContinue reading “Short and sweet: Blue skies and fresh eyes”

Short and sweet: Notes from the sofa

Happy weekend! I tap this to you from the couch where I’ve been stationed all day, nursing a gin hangover with Homeland and a gazillion cups of tea. After a weird week — starting with a bare to-do list but ending with a day of crazed storyboarding — I’ve welcomed the weekend with open arms. However, with theContinue reading “Short and sweet: Notes from the sofa”

Short and sweet: Happy weekend!

As much as I love spending hours tapping stories on here, there’s something to be said for the ‘insta-blog’. I see these a lot on other websites; swift tales that are more like diary entries than fully-fledged articles. So I thought I might do something similar and start a series called short & sweet, which will basically be aContinue reading “Short and sweet: Happy weekend!”