A guide to the ultimate Outlander road trip!

Even before Outlander first hit our screens back in 2014, one thing was crystal clear: Scotland is magical. Okay, the likelihood of travelling back in time through standing stones or meeting an entrantress in the pub is slim, but you just have to look at our country to be enthralled by its landscapes, history, castles and culture. Outlander has simply helped spread the word! During … Continue reading A guide to the ultimate Outlander road trip!

A short and sweet walk in the Trossachs

I love the Trossachs. Sitting north-east of Loch Lomond — about an hour from Glasgow — it’s a range of rolling hills, hidden lochs and cute cottages on the waterfront. It’s one of those ‘places of my childhood’. Do you know the ones I mean? Those hideaways you always feel safe in, that bring back fuzzy memories of sitting in the backseat of the car … Continue reading A short and sweet walk in the Trossachs

Owning the outdoors at Go Ape Aberfoyle

I can’t imagine a more outdoorsy man than my dad. Ever since I was little, he’s dragged me up hills, through marshes, into a kayak and towards trig points. He is that guy who — at fifty-two — still insists on donning his foul weather gear to head up the mountains, regardless of the weather or his dodgy hips. So, when I was organising my trip … Continue reading Owning the outdoors at Go Ape Aberfoyle

Scones and sleep at the Lake of Menteith

The Port of Menteith has become one of my favourite escapes. Just an hour from Glasgow, this tiny Trossachs village has the sum total of less than a thousand habitants. The houses (and lone school) follow the A81 east, and face southwards onto the lake itself as the land dips. In the hollow, anglers stand still as toy soldiers as they peer into the rippled water, waiting for a catch.

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Getting lost in the Trossachs

‘A breath of fresh air’. I’ve never been a fan of cliché expressions, but in this case I’ll make an exception. I am forever amazed at what fresh air does for the soul. Really. This week, C and I decided it was time to escape the library. We packed a bag of snacks, took jackets in case the sun disappeared, and drove north. Our destination … Continue reading Getting lost in the Trossachs

A night at Cameron House

Playing at the Ryder Cup? Member of the Scottish rugby team? Singing at the Hydro? You may well spend a few nights at the rather renowned Cameron House. Not only is it a five-star hotel, it also boasts three restaurants (one of which has a Michelin star) and some amazing views over the famous Loch Lomond. In short, it has all you could want from a country retreat, albeit in slightly flashier surroundings than the usual dilapidated castle.

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