Five Ferries: Off the beaten track in Kintyre and Cowal

AD: This trip was sponsored by West Coast Waters, a campaign to celebrate Scotland’s diverse west coast ahead of VisitScotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters (#YCW2020). Having grown up and spent almost all of my childhood holidays on the west coast, sharing my love for this part of Scotland was a blogging project dream-come-true. WeContinue reading “Five Ferries: Off the beaten track in Kintyre and Cowal”

A quick guide to Scotland’s Kintyre coast

At the beginning of April, we took a long weekend off work and spent it in Kintyre. For those of you who aren’t sure where this overlooked county of Scotland is, it’s the long peninsula at the very end of the A83 road through Argyll and Bute. Home to Campbeltown, a lot of farms andContinue reading “A quick guide to Scotland’s Kintyre coast”

Gigha: An ideal island day trip

It would be fair to say that Gigha might not be at the top of your ‘Scottish Islands to Visit’ list. It’s one of the smaller, understated and less tourist-friendly dots on our coastline and — with just over five square miles of fertile land to explore — you could quite easily tick it offContinue reading “Gigha: An ideal island day trip”

The mystery of Achamore Gardens, Gigha

We recently spent a long weekend under a raincloud in Kintyre. Well, we weren’t just under a raincloud; we also alternated between a wigwam and a pub. You get the idea though. After doing a bit of research and discovering we could get to the Isle of Gigha for a measly £5 return on foot,Continue reading “The mystery of Achamore Gardens, Gigha”