The first day of spring at Aberdour Castle

Happy first day of spring, folks! We took today off work in anticipation of another adventure but — as predicted in Scotland — the weather was being classically… well, unpredictable. Instead, our spring equinox became a day of dodging hefty rain showers, apocalyptic clouds and rush hour traffic en route to Aberdour. A seaside village on the south coast of Fife, Aberdour is a popular commuter town — … Continue reading The first day of spring at Aberdour Castle

History & home goals at Sandford House, Fife

There are many things to love about Scotland but one that I always return to is its sense of mystery. No matter how many times you’ve walked the same road, lived in one place or seen the same landscape, there’s always something to discover. Peel back the modern façades, brand-new brickwork or soulless tarmac and there are stories — right there — waiting to be told. That’s … Continue reading History & home goals at Sandford House, Fife

Walking in the Lomond Hills, near Falkland, Fife

A wintry walk in Fife

Winter in Scotland has been pretty half-hearted this year. We’ve had a few flurries, far more on the highest hills, but for those of us in Leith… well, it’s been non-existent. So when snow is forecast, us city dwellers do the obvious — chase it. Last weekend, we took the car over the Forth Road Bridge and onto the Fife plains, direction Falkland. It’s a … Continue reading A wintry walk in Fife