Life in Fife: A walk to mark the weekend

A quick blog based on yesterday’s evening stroll and the notes I took afterwards in a journal, scrawled vertically whilst lying in bed before midnight. The sky was hazy, like viewing it through condensation on glass. ‘Walk?’ B messaged me. We hadn’t done this yet, but this notion we had before we moved to FifeContinue reading “Life in Fife: A walk to mark the weekend”

Life in Fife: Little signs of spring

Yesterday we hiked up the hill behind our house. I say hike because this crag is far from a leisurely weekend stroll: the first part sees the walker take on a steep, leaf-lined trail before meeting a welcome flat pasture; from there, a grassy cattle road is joined and soon he or she is pointedContinue reading “Life in Fife: Little signs of spring”

Life in Fife: A cold, coastal stroll in Elie

Happy new year, everyone! We rang in 2019 with bad dancing and the inevitability of colder months to come. Two weeks later, we sat at the kitchen table, enjoying the bright light reaching through the sparse branches behind our house. It looked warm outside. But on consulting the forecast, we packed hats and gloves alongside our picnic lunchContinue reading “Life in Fife: A cold, coastal stroll in Elie”

5 historic hidden gems in Scotland’s central belt

AD: This trip was sponsored by Dig It! to promote their Hidden Gems campaign, giving some love to some of Scotland’s lesser-known historic jewels. One of my favourite phrases — which I fire at friends and visitors alike — is, ‘there’s history everywhere you go in Scotland.’ But in some parts of our dear green country,Continue reading “5 historic hidden gems in Scotland’s central belt”

The first day of spring at Aberdour Castle

Happy first day of spring, folks! We took today off work in anticipation of another adventure but — as predicted in Scotland — the weather was being classically… well, unpredictable. Instead, our spring equinox became a day of dodging hefty rain showers, apocalyptic clouds and rush hour traffic en route to Aberdour. A seaside village on theContinue reading “The first day of spring at Aberdour Castle”

History and home goals at Sandford House, Fife

There are many things to love about Scotland but one that I always return to is its sense of mystery. No matter how many times you’ve walked the same road, lived in one place or seen the same landscape, there’s always something to discover. Peel back the modern façades, brand-new brickwork or soulless tarmac andContinue reading “History and home goals at Sandford House, Fife”

A wintry walk at East Lomond, Falkland (as seen in Outlander)

Winter in Scotland has been pretty half-hearted this year. We’ve had a few flurries, far more on the highest hills, but for those of us in Leith… well, it’s been non-existent. So when snow is forecast, us city dwellers do the obvious — chase it. Last weekend, we took the car over the Forth RoadContinue reading “A wintry walk at East Lomond, Falkland (as seen in Outlander)”