Exploring Edinburgh: A late lunch at Jamie’s Italian

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know one thing: aside from Scotland (of course) we love Italy. It’s the one place that we’ve consistently saved enough pennies to return to, where the food is so simple yet so good and where the capital is crammed with history. So — even whenContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: A late lunch at Jamie’s Italian”

Exploring Edinburgh: Royal Botanic Gardens

Some weekends, you just can’t be bothered sitting in the car to escape the city. You don’t really want to have to deal with the Saturday morning congestion, the families heading for the countryside and others going to the supermarket. And then you think, ‘Why don’t I just stay put and explore my backyard?’ SoContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: Royal Botanic Gardens”

Exploring Edinburgh: A weekday lunch at Relish, Leith

Although Edinburgh doesn’t fully feel like home to a west coaster like me, it does have its plus points. Hills pushing through the town cobbles, crescents of beautiful buildings and — quite conveniently for my stomach — a host of new eateries to explore. At weekends, our haunt seems to be Henderson’s, an established veggie restaurantContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: A weekday lunch at Relish, Leith”

Exploring Edinburgh: Portobello and the Pentlands

I was home on the west coast last weekend. Just for a day — actually, just for 12 hours — and it got me thinking… Is home where we settle? Or is home where we know every curve and line of the land, where we can watch the rain approaching the shore, where we could wander forContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: Portobello and the Pentlands”

Exploring Edinburgh: A hike up Arthur’s Seat

We are — very slowly — exploring Edinburgh. I can’t believe how long it takes to get used to a city. I can navigate parts of Leith, the New Town, even the Royal Mile, but the rest? It’s a mystery. Quite unlike our flat, which within a week, felt like home: dinners made, dishes washed,Continue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: A hike up Arthur’s Seat”

How to find a flat in Edinburgh

After returning from Italy at the end of September, we set ourselves the nigh-impossible task of finding a flat before I began work. That gave us the sum total of just two weeks. And yep, you guessed it — it was a total stress! We began by looking on Rightmove, which furnished us with a listContinue reading “How to find a flat in Edinburgh”