Exploring Edinburgh: Duddingston & Dr Neil’s Garden

It feels like spring has truly arrived. The streets are buzzing with cosmopolitans sporting denim jackets (myself included). Cliques sit outside hipster cafés and bars in the mild heat. The brave souls among us even have their pale legs out in the sunshine (myself not included). This is the kind of weather I’d forgotten I loved,Continue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: Duddingston & Dr Neil’s Garden”

Exploring Edinburgh: The Vennel, Grassmarket

It was the first time I’d been up this street. Or should I say up the stairs? My stomach stuffed with Lovecrumbs coffee and cake, I weaved back down to the Grassmarket and saw the sign. The Vennel. My camera bag was over my shoulder; the first time it had escaped my office drawer since MondayContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: The Vennel, Grassmarket”

Exploring Edinburgh: Stockbridge and Circus Lane

One of the many things I like about Edinburgh — aside from its dependable, beautiful architecture and its constant greenery — is its walkability. Although the suburbs stretch far towards the hills and beaches which ring the city itself, Edinburgh’s iconic neighbourhoods (like Stockbridge or Dean Village) are within easy walking distance of the town bustle. That’s howContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: Stockbridge and Circus Lane”

Exploring Edinburgh: Grassmarket at night

Wandering around a city’s streets at night is never something I’m prone to do, unless I’m stumbling out of a pub (which happens about twice a year…) or I’m wandering home from work in the depths of winter. And so it was that a few Fridays ago — as the dark fell early yet again onContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: Grassmarket at night”

Exploring Edinburgh: Behind the bar at Blackbird

When we talk about creativity, we’re guilty of associating it solely with music, culture, literature or art. But what about bartending? I’d never really given much thought to this but — one nippy November night in Scotland’s capital — we opened the door to Blackbird, a cosy pub in Bruntsfield, and discovered this alcoholic artistry forContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: Behind the bar at Blackbird”

Exploring Edinburgh: Botanic Lights

Edinburgh is full of quiet, leafy spots you’d never believe are right in the heart of the city. Dean Village, the Water of Leith walkway, Stockbridge… and to add to these favourites, the Royal Botanic Garden. With 70 acres of alpines, woodland and shrubs, not to mention Britain’s tallest Victorian glasshouse, visiting the Botanics areContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: Botanic Lights”

Exploring Edinburgh: Holyrood Palace in autumn

I imagine that Holyrood Palace is to Edinburgh locals what Buckingham Palace is to Londoners. Even though I’ve only lived in the Scottish capital for a year, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve passed by the tall dark gates, peered curiously through the bars or seen tourists hurry towards the entrance. It’s one of thoseContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: Holyrood Palace in autumn”

Goodbye, Edinburgh Festivals!

After weeks of buzz, book signings, bizarre theatre and big personalities, the Edinburgh Festivals have let their curtain finally fall. The city has returned to relative normality: the New Town shopping streets’ lunchtime rush now consists of bleary-eyed office workers emerging from their August hibernation; the little that’s left of the Festivals is just flotsamContinue reading “Goodbye, Edinburgh Festivals!”

Exploring Edinburgh: Stockbridge to Dean Village

We’ve been having such nice weather in Scotland during the past few weeks that I’m actually in mourning — no more three month university summers! So to atone, I took a day off work last week, stuffed my day pack with a fleece and a camera, and went for a wander with B. After much indecision,Continue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: Stockbridge to Dean Village”

Exploring Edinburgh: Salisbury Crags

Back at the start of the year — after about 4 months in Edinburgh, shocking! — we finally got up Arthur’s Seat, the dormant volcano which gazes out at the city. And to be honest? I was a bit underwhelmed. Although the view from the top was amazing, the summit was so crammed with visitorsContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: Salisbury Crags”