Autumn at Aberlady Nature Reserve, East Lothian

It’s only when you move to the city after years living in the countryside that you realise you were completely spoilt. As a child, I could close our front door and in minutes be surrounded by fields, thick woodland and one of the most controversial pieces of modern architecture Scotland has ever seen (more about that here). Now,Continue reading “Autumn at Aberlady Nature Reserve, East Lothian”

Tantallon, East Lothian: Exploring a castle on the edge

Standing on the edge of East Lothian — with golden fields to your back, the Bass Rock ahead of you, and slim Fife on the horizon — you can almost imagine that this landscape has barely changed in centuries. Aside from the new roads and oil rigs floating out at sea, there’s one part of this rockyContinue reading “Tantallon, East Lothian: Exploring a castle on the edge”

A peaceful picnic at Inveresk Lodge Garden, East Lothian

Last week, a fat envelope plopped onto our doormat. Surely I’m not the only one who still loves getting a letter? I tore open the white cover and inside were two National Trust for Scotland membership cards and a guidebook showing the Trust sites. Ever since, we’d been plotting where exactly we were going toContinue reading “A peaceful picnic at Inveresk Lodge Garden, East Lothian”

A wintry day hike up Fife’s East Lomond hill

Winter in Scotland has been pretty half-hearted this year. We’ve had a few flurries, far more on the highest hills, but for those of us in Leith… well, it’s been non-existent. So when snow is forecast, us city dwellers do the obvious — chase it. Last weekend, we took the car over the Forth RoadContinue reading “A wintry day hike up Fife’s East Lomond hill”