A spring day trip to North Berwick

Since the start of May, the weather on Scotland’s east coast has been stunning. Even if the days have dawned with the greyness of sea mist, by lunchtime it’s burnt off and the sky is a marvellous blue. We’ve been getting out as much as possible to enjoy it (because you never know how longContinue reading “A spring day trip to North Berwick”

A blossom walking tour of Edinburgh

When spring explodes in Edinburgh — in a patchwork blanket of bright colour, little leaves unfurling like party poppers — it always feels brand new (to me, at least). I can never recall this season in Scotland’s capital as vivid as it appears to my tired, winter-dulled eyes. When you have an afternoon to yourselfContinue reading “A blossom walking tour of Edinburgh”

Sunday afternoons at Söderberg

Ever since B’s car broke down a few weekends ago, we’ve been like birds with clipped wings. No more weekend migrations to the coast or the Highlands; no last-minute road trips back west to see my family; we’ve even started getting our shopping delivered (this feels a little lazy and too twenty-first century to me).Continue reading “Sunday afternoons at Söderberg”

The start of spring at Dr Neil’s Garden, Edinburgh

It feels like spring has truly arrived. The streets are buzzing with cosmopolitans sporting denim jackets (myself included). Cliques sit outside hipster cafés and bars in the mild heat. The brave souls among us even have their pale legs out in the sunshine (myself not included). This is the kind of weather I’d forgotten I loved,Continue reading “The start of spring at Dr Neil’s Garden, Edinburgh”

A view of Edinburgh Castle from The Vennel

It was the first time I’d been up this street. Or should I say up the stairs? My stomach stuffed with Lovecrumbs coffee and cake, I weaved back down to the Grassmarket and saw the sign. The Vennel. My camera bag was over my shoulder; the first time it had escaped my office drawer since MondayContinue reading “A view of Edinburgh Castle from The Vennel”

The first day of spring at Aberdour Castle

We took today off work in anticipation of another adventure but — as predicted in Scotland — the weather was being classically… well, unpredictable. Instead, our spring equinox became a day of dodging hefty rain showers, apocalyptic clouds and rush hour traffic en route to Aberdour. A seaside village on the south coast of Fife, Aberdour isContinue reading “The first day of spring at Aberdour Castle”

History and home goals at Sandford House, Fife

Ad: My stay at Sandford House was complimentary, but all views are my own. There are many things to love about Scotland but one that I always return to is its sense of mystery. No matter how many times you’ve walked the same road, lived in one place or seen the same landscape, there’s alwaysContinue reading “History and home goals at Sandford House, Fife”

A stroll through Stockbridge and Circus Lane, Edinburgh

One of the many things I like about Edinburgh — aside from its dependable, beautiful architecture and its constant greenery — is its walkability. Although the suburbs stretch far towards the hills and beaches which ring the city itself, some neighbourhoods (like Stockbridge or Dean Village) are within easy walking distance of the town bustle. That’s how SundayContinue reading “A stroll through Stockbridge and Circus Lane, Edinburgh”

Behind the bar at Blackbird in Edinburgh’s Bruntsfield neighbourhood

Ad: This post was sponsored by Jack Daniel’s and the Tennessee Calling competition. When we talk about creativity, we’re guilty of associating it solely with music, culture, literature or art. But what about bartending? I’d never really given much thought to this but — one nippy November night in Scotland’s capital — we opened the doorContinue reading “Behind the bar at Blackbird in Edinburgh’s Bruntsfield neighbourhood”

Autumnal wanders around Edinburgh’s Holyrood Palace

Holyrood Palace is to Edinburgh locals what Buckingham Palace is to Londoners. Even though I’ve only lived in the Scottish capital for a year, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve passed by the tall dark gates, peered curiously through the bars or seen tourists hurry towards the entrance. It’s one of those spots — aContinue reading “Autumnal wanders around Edinburgh’s Holyrood Palace”