A postcard from… the Scottish Borders

Rather like Dumfries and Galloway, the Borders are a part of Scotland that may not feature on your immediate itinerary if your travel aims are to bag big mountains, wild coastlines and iconic castles. However — especially with the golden light and changing trees of autumn — the Scottish Borders are understated yet beautiful. LastContinue reading “A postcard from… the Scottish Borders”

A short break in the Scottish Borders

When I was younger, we used to spend a fair bit of time in the Borders. I remember waking up to chilled windows, icy ditches down Kelso fields and trees hidden under frozen fog, back in those days when the October holidays were actually cold. It felt like you could be walking onto the set of Little Women, soContinue reading “A short break in the Scottish Borders”

Where to stop on the Borders Railway

Sometimes, when you’re sitting in an office most of the day, you forget how beautiful nature is. The season when this contrast is most apparent is autumn. Jump in the car after a day at work, and your background is sandstone tenements, modern blocks or city shopfronts. It takes the weekend — and escaping theContinue reading “Where to stop on the Borders Railway”