Welcoming 2020 with a few favourite walks — plus thoughts on the last year

It’s been a long time since I’ve typed anything for this little space of mine on the ever-expanding internet. The thought of writing solely for sharing online is something I seem to be stepping back from, little by little, as the years go by, so instead below are some notes from my journal. I thinkContinue reading “Welcoming 2020 with a few favourite walks — plus thoughts on the last year”

Using social media more mindfully

Is social media serving a purpose in your life, or is it just a distraction? After five years of using digital channels for my weekday career and blogging side hustle, this is a question that bounces around in my brain on a near-daily basis. Why? Because over the past few years I’ve begun to noticeContinue reading “Using social media more mindfully”

Life in Fife: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This is our first Christmas since moving north, across the river, to Fife. And here’s a long-overdue life update: I feel happier; less hurried. Each weekday I commute home from Edinburgh, switching off as soon as I close the door. Things have recalibrated—they had begun to at the start of the year, as I mentionedContinue reading “Life in Fife: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

Back to blogging… but not as I knew it

Hello — it’s been a while hasn’t it? (Haven’t you noticed the virtual tumbleweed around here?) Things have been changing, in both the online world and my life, and I’m sharing this to make sense of it all… Trying to find the words in a world of haste Over the past few months I’ve exhaledContinue reading “Back to blogging… but not as I knew it”

Another new year, one simple resolution

Happy New Year, fellow Scotland lovers! I don’t know about you, but after the crescendo of Hogmanay I often feel that the first of January is a little bittersweet — for me, it’s tinged with sadness that Christmas is over (I get major nostalgia for my childhood during the festive period) but it’s also goodContinue reading “Another new year, one simple resolution”

Bullet journaling for traditional diarists (like me!)

I’m starting a new series on the blog to allow me to write about subjects that don’t fit my usual Scotland/travel theme. In my ‘real life’ (as opposed to my online existence!) I’m a social media manager, so I’m keen to have the freedom to discuss other topics like Instagram, influencers and blogging more widely. SoContinue reading “Bullet journaling for traditional diarists (like me!)”

How to work with Scottish travel bloggers

Recently my fellow Scotlander Nicola was asked to speak at a Chartered Institute of Public Relations event in Edinburgh… And she asked Patricia and I to be her sidekicks for the night. The CIPR Scotland talk was titled ‘Social in the City’, and its main aim was to give Scottish PR professionals more information about how toContinue reading “How to work with Scottish travel bloggers”

Why I think getting outdoors is essential

I’ve often wondered if I could ever live in a city. Having spent my whole life growing up in a west coast village, I’ve had the luxury of both vast greenery and vibrant Glasgow right on my doorstep. And as much as I love the bustling west end, one of my favourite things to do is leaveContinue reading “Why I think getting outdoors is essential”