Short & sweet: Notes from the sofa

Happy weekend! I tap this to you from the couch where I’ve been stationed all day, nursing a gin hangover with Homeland and a gazillion cups of tea. After a weird week — starting with a bare to-do list but ending with a day of crazed storyboarding — I’ve welcomed the weekend with open arms. However, with the volatile weather, we’re unsure how we’ll spend our next few … Continue reading Short & sweet: Notes from the sofa

A few simple resolutions

I’m not usually one for bothering with the cliché, usually abandoned-in-January New Year’s resolution. But for some reason, 2017 feels different. Perhaps it’s knowing how hard last year was for us, or maybe it’s just December’s overeating spurring me on to try something new… Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to kick-starting 2017 with a fresh perspective. So here are my simple resolutions, alongside some … Continue reading A few simple resolutions

Saying goodbye to 2016

Christmas has been and gone here on Scotland’s west coast in a swirl of torrential rain, tons of turkey and flotsams of festive wrapping paper. I honestly cannot believe we are reaching the end of another year! 2016 has been the quickest I can remember, and it’s had its fair share of ups and downs. So this week, between Christmas and New Year, is the perfect … Continue reading Saying goodbye to 2016

Life lately: April

How the hell is it May already? I mean, the last I checked it was February… With work and the wild weather recently, I’ve barely clocked time’s passing. Regardless of the blur in which it’s flown by, April has been a good month. We’ve seen more of Scotland, we’ve explored Edinburgh, we’ve ticked off the city’s touristy stuff. And summer is truly on its way now. … Continue reading Life lately: April

Life lately: March

Another month has just flown by, the clocks have changed and it’s officially British summer time! Thank heavens. Although I love the snow, I was getting a bit bored of dark nights. I’m looking forward to balmy summer evenings when B and I can stroll around the pretty Edinburgh streets or even up Arthur’s Seat. We just need the mercury to rise a little… So here’s what … Continue reading Life lately: March