Eating Italy at Ortobio, near Rome

Warning: this post contains photos that will make you hungry. Even just editing these images has got our tummies rumbling, desperate to rewind back to the moment when the starters arrived on our table… During our Airbnb escape near Rome, we were keen to try some of the Rieti region’s most popular delicacies. We were lucky that our apartment’s handy guide suggested a range of restaurants … Continue reading Eating Italy at Ortobio, near Rome

Italy: Our first Airbnb experience

If you’re a student, a money-savvy traveller or simply like meeting new people, you’ll have heard of Airbnb. With properties in over 190 countries, it’s known as a marketplace for cute, cheap(er) and quirky properties around the world. And this September, I decided to dive into their listings and find an Italian escape for a few weeks. Airbnb is great if, like us, you’re tight on … Continue reading Italy: Our first Airbnb experience

Where we stayed in Rome and Florence


‘Don’t you just love an upgrade?’ Ah, the mantra of the esteemed travel blogger. As I walked down the hallowed, high-ceilinged halls, the key card in my hand, I felt like one of them. Thick double doors opened onto a large room, white curtains floated towards me from the open window. I felt like Daisy in the Great Gatsby…

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Review: Panino Vegano, Florence

We weren’t really looking for food – we were just looking right. As we meandered along the humming streets of Florence, the Duomo appeared like a rising moon in the distance. It’s difficult not to be enchanted by this marble marvel – it is truly fascinating. We wandered, we watched, we wondered where the green and pink façade would reappear. It was on our right hand side, and that’s how we found ourselves opposite Panino Vegano.

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Travel tips: Rome

Out of the four cities we visited (Florence, Venice, Rome and Milan) the Italian capital was my favourite. We were there for three days, our longest stay in any metropolis, and by the end I felt less of a tourist, and more… well, like an ex-pat. With our frayed (and free) hotel map, we could navigate the city like it was our own. Streets became familiar and we became regulars at a restaurant… quasi-Romans, you might say.

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