Eating Italy at Ortobio, near Rome

Warning: this post contains photos that will make you hungry. Even just editing these images has got our tummies rumbling, desperate to rewind back to the moment when the starters arrived on our table… During our Airbnb escape near Rome, we were keen to try some of the Rieti region’s most popular delicacies. We were luckyContinue reading “Eating Italy at Ortobio, near Rome”

Italy: Our first Airbnb experience

If you’re a student, a money-savvy traveller or simply like meeting new people, you’ll have heard of Airbnb. With properties in over 190 countries, it’s known as a marketplace for cute, cheap(er) and quirky properties around the world. And this September, I decided to dive into their listings and find an Italian escape for a fewContinue reading “Italy: Our first Airbnb experience”

Six hours of food, sun and getting lost in Venice

It’s been almost a month since I’ve written. Usually I hate leaving it that long – this blog is almost a diary to me – but I’ve got a good excuse! Not neglect or being otherwise occupied with work, but actually travelling! Instead of sticking to the familiar green coasts of Scotland, I’ve been exploring a country IContinue reading “Six hours of food, sun and getting lost in Venice”