Exploring Edinburgh: A hike up Arthur’s Seat

We are — very slowly — exploring Edinburgh. I can’t believe how long it takes to get used to a city. I can navigate parts of Leith, the New Town, even the Royal Mile, but the rest? It’s a mystery. Quite unlike our flat, which within a week, felt like home: dinners made, dishes washed,Continue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: A hike up Arthur’s Seat”

Where to stop on the Borders Railway

Sometimes, when you’re sitting in an office most of the day, you forget how beautiful nature is. The season when this contrast is most apparent is autumn. Jump in the car after a day at work, and your background is sandstone tenements, modern blocks or city shopfronts. It takes the weekend — and escaping theContinue reading “Where to stop on the Borders Railway”

Italy: Our first Airbnb experience

If you’re a student, a money-savvy traveller or simply like meeting new people, you’ll have heard of Airbnb. With properties in over 190 countries, it’s known as a marketplace for cute, cheap(er) and quirky properties around the world. And this September, I decided to dive into their listings and find an Italian escape for a fewContinue reading “Italy: Our first Airbnb experience”

The prettiest places in County Donegal, Ireland

Oh, Ireland. You flirted with us and then flung us around. We drove through the emerald hills, eyes stuck to the twinkling lochs and treetops. We stopped and tiptoed along the sand, spellbound as the clouds raced overhead. And then… we broke down. So that’s why it’s called the luck of the Irish… After a sunny thenContinue reading “The prettiest places in County Donegal, Ireland”

Three heatwave escapes near Loch Lomond

We don’t often get heatwaves in Scotland but when we do — boy, do we lose our shit. There are queues outside the local ice cream shops, even the most sallow skinned of us Scots end up burnt and most men in the vicinity are sporting ‘taps aff’ fashion (even though for us, a heatwaveContinue reading “Three heatwave escapes near Loch Lomond”

Why I think getting outdoors is essential

I’ve often wondered if I could ever live in a city. Having spent my whole life growing up in a west coast village, I’ve had the luxury of both vast greenery and vibrant Glasgow right on my doorstep. And as much as I love the bustling west end, one of my favourite things to do is leaveContinue reading “Why I think getting outdoors is essential”

Getting lost in the Trossachs

‘A breath of fresh air’. I’ve never been a fan of cliché expressions, but in this case I’ll make an exception. I am forever amazed at what fresh air does for the soul. Really. This week, we packed a bag of snacks, took jackets in case the sun disappeared, and drove north. Our destination wasContinue reading “Getting lost in the Trossachs”

Four favourite walks on Scotland’s west coast

These walks won’t get your muscles defined, nor will they give you vertigo. Instead, these are four of my favourite wanders in different areas of Glasgow and the west, from city to coast. Alongside each stroll, I’ve suggested an eatery (because we all know that’s the best reward after a day of exploring!)

An autumn walk (and cake stop!) at Loch Ard, Trossachs

We love Aberfoyle and the stunning scenery that surrounds it. Just under an hour from Glasgow, the winding A81 will take you past the concealed village of Drymen, then through rolling hills before larger crags appear from the earth. Home of Queen Elizabeth Forest Park (which features more glorious walks around waterfalls and under wires,Continue reading “An autumn walk (and cake stop!) at Loch Ard, Trossachs”