Finding fairytales at Preston Mill, East Lothian

As I write, looking out the window of our rented flat towards Arthur’s Seat, here or there a pioneering tree shouts its last of the season in yellow ochre. The dormant volcano’s rump is going from green to purple, the outcome of that colour wash the inevitable dull brown of deep winter. I wonder how many other residents of this iconic city are reaching for … Continue reading Finding fairytales at Preston Mill, East Lothian

Away with the birds: A trip to Bass Rock

The sea holds something special for me. Growing up a stone’s throw from the River Clyde and holidaying on Highland shores meant that the tide and its creatures were backdrops to my childhood. Since moving to Scotland’s capital Edinburgh in my mid-twenties, the sea — although close — has seemed just out my reach… Until last weekend. It’s an easy jaunt out to one of … Continue reading Away with the birds: A trip to Bass Rock

4 ways to feel like a local in North London

It was a bank holiday, there was a heatwave, and we were heading south. Last weekend — for a mere 48 hours — we waltzed about London, the UK’s buzzing multicultural capital. It had literally been half a decade since my last visit and (to be honest) I was a bit petrified. I’m a lass who thrives on empty spaces and simple pleasures; as I reflected, … Continue reading 4 ways to feel like a local in North London

History & home goals at Sandford House, Fife

There are many things to love about Scotland but one that I always return to is its sense of mystery. No matter how many times you’ve walked the same road, lived in one place or seen the same landscape, there’s always something to discover. Peel back the modern façades, brand-new brickwork or soulless tarmac and there are stories — right there — waiting to be told. That’s … Continue reading History & home goals at Sandford House, Fife

Dunkeld: The end of autumn

I absolutely adore autumn. Okay, I do have a tendency to say the same thing about every season when it appears, from the fragile spring snowdrops to the first frosts of winter… Yet, when it’s the height of autumn and even the cities are covered in colour, I can’t help but feel autumn is the prettiest season going. And where else could you possibly go … Continue reading Dunkeld: The end of autumn

A postcard from… Arisaig

When you tell folk that you are spending the summer in Scotland, they frequently utter that ‘oh right’ or ‘hmmm’ murmur that basically translates as, ‘Good luck with the weather.’ However, when you manage to sneak in that you’re actually heading to Arisaig, they nod and know exactly why. If you have ever visited the isolated west coast village of Arisaig, you’ll have fallen in love. … Continue reading A postcard from… Arisaig

Three Isles Tour: Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered how to bag 3 Scottish islands in just 10 hours? I can’t say I had either… For us, this jam-packed mission was about to become a reality as we packed our overnight bag, left Edinburgh behind and headed west. We would be travelling with West Coast Tours, Calmac and Staffa Tours, a tripartite journey that was entirely included in the ticket price. Arriving in … Continue reading Three Isles Tour: Behind the Scenes