Short and sweet: Sundays at Söderberg

Ever since B’s car broke down a few weekends ago, we’ve been like birds with clipped wings. No more weekend migrations to the coast or the Highlands; no last-minute road trips back west to see my family; we’ve even started getting our shopping delivered (this feels a little lazy and too twenty-first century to me).Continue reading “Short and sweet: Sundays at Söderberg”

Exploring Edinburgh: Behind the bar at Blackbird

When we talk about creativity, we’re guilty of associating it solely with music, culture, literature or art. But what about bartending? I’d never really given much thought to this but — one nippy November night in Scotland’s capital — we opened the door to Blackbird, a cosy pub in Bruntsfield, and discovered this alcoholic artistry forContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: Behind the bar at Blackbird”

Exploring Edinburgh: A late lunch at Jamie’s Italian

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know one thing: aside from Scotland (of course) we love Italy. It’s the one place that we’ve consistently saved enough pennies to return to, where the food is so simple yet so good and where the capital is crammed with history. So — even whenContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: A late lunch at Jamie’s Italian”

Exploring Edinburgh: A weekday lunch at Relish, Leith

Although Edinburgh doesn’t fully feel like home to a west coaster like me, it does have its plus points. Hills pushing through the town cobbles, crescents of beautiful buildings and — quite conveniently for my stomach — a host of new eateries to explore. At weekends, our haunt seems to be Henderson’s, an established veggie restaurantContinue reading “Exploring Edinburgh: A weekday lunch at Relish, Leith”

Why Irvine is Scotland’s ice cream capital!

A day after returning from Rome in September, we were having gelato withdrawal symptoms (it’s a common occurrence, just ask your doctor). So when B’s family started talking about a place called Vanilla Joe’s — which has recently scooped Scotland’s Best Gelataria at the Italian Awards — our curiosity rumbled along with our tummies. So, withContinue reading “Why Irvine is Scotland’s ice cream capital!”

Lunching at Helensburgh’s Riverhill Courtyard

At the short end of a cobbled lane, Riverhill Courtyard opened its doors during the cold March of 2014. The Riverhill ’empire’ — the deli in Helensburgh and well-known coffee bar on Glasgow‘s Gordon Street — has expanded from cosy to Courtyard. It’s continental, cosmopolitan, and definitely more city than quiet Argyll town. Peeled back to the beautifulContinue reading “Lunching at Helensburgh’s Riverhill Courtyard”

A weekend escape to Oban, Argyll

It’s mid-March, end of the week. The car is scattered with birthday cake, a couple of rucksacks, walking boots, waterproof jackets. We’re heading up the south side of Loch Lomond, grey puffs in the sky slowly lifting as we fork left towards Oban. Four seasons in one day: windscreen wipers slice away hailstones; the nextContinue reading “A weekend escape to Oban, Argyll”

The best way to birthday: A Glasgow cake crawl

Today we celebrated Charlotte’s birthday. None of us are real ‘birthday’ people. We’re happier drinking tea over tequila; relaxing in a café as opposed to a club; tucking into a cake rather than a kebab. So, to commemorate Charlotte’s ageing in the nicest way, Zoe came up with the cake crawl.