Distancing #5: More links for weekend reading

All of this series, words from life under lockdown, can be found via this link. After a week of work — which involves creating content about the coronavirus for about 7 hours a day, which as you’ve guessed doesn’t provide much opportunity from switching off from the situation we currently find ourselves in — oneContinue reading “Distancing #5: More links for weekend reading”

Distancing #4: When change is not a choice

Notes from journal entries penned at the end of March, edited and shared as part of a new series called Distancing. Read them all via this link. How has life changed for you in the last month? I barely recognise mine. Rewind and it’s the end of February, moving into March. I’m tallying up almost aContinue reading “Distancing #4: When change is not a choice”

Distancing #3: Little links for morning reading

Most weekends, even now, my mornings look like this: I get up, incredibly slowly, and get excited if there’s even the smallest sliver of sunshine sneaking through the blind. I set up my laptop, book, journal and pens on the kitchen table. I make toast and a coffee (which is always in my favourite white-and-beigeContinue reading “Distancing #3: Little links for morning reading”

Distancing #2: Indoors is the new outdoors

This is part of a new series called Distancing, short blogs mostly taken from journal entries. I hope you’re all staying safe. A few days ago we went on a ten-mile walk somewhere in Scotland. The last time we were here, it was a glorious January day and the thought of a global pandemic was veryContinue reading “Distancing #2: Indoors is the new outdoors”

Distancing #1: Losing my job and abandoning anxiety

We are all navigating a ‘new normal’. Like many, I don’t know how to process it — I can only write. Writing has always been cathartic for me, and so I am going to share a new series called Distancing. These blogs will be short notes, mostly taken from journal entries, and shared here. I hope you’re allContinue reading “Distancing #1: Losing my job and abandoning anxiety”