On my bookshelf: Summer into autumn

Partly due to B returning from his stint abroad, and partly due to my lack of enthusiasm for social media at the moment, I have been returning to reading in a big way. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything better for the sanity (apart from perhaps walking through woodland as the leaves fall like snowflakesContinue reading “On my bookshelf: Summer into autumn”

Short and sweet: Happy weekend!

As much as I love spending hours tapping stories on here, there’s something to be said for the ‘insta-blog’. I see these a lot on other websites; swift tales that are more like diary entries than fully-fledged articles. So I thought I might do something similar and start a series called short & sweet, which will basically be aContinue reading “Short and sweet: Happy weekend!”

On my bookshelf: Three for dark nights

To me, there is nothing more self-indulgent and introspective than reading. It’s a selfish and complete escape. It has nothing to do with work, no bearing on my blog (which, really, is another form of work) nor does it involve other people and their unpredictable behaviour (I say this flippantly, of course). It’s just you,Continue reading “On my bookshelf: Three for dark nights”

On my bookshelf: Spooky and self-help spring reads

Do you ever go through periods where regular reading becomes a memory? A nice thing you used to do when you had a spare half hour in the evenings, or a quiet weekend? I’ve hit that paper wall. With work ramping up, Saturdays filled with events and precious time with the partner only just squashedContinue reading “On my bookshelf: Spooky and self-help spring reads”

On my bookshelf: New favourites

Three things have happened since I left university. First, I’ve rediscovered my love of literature. Thriller, chick-lit, literary fiction… I don’t care what genre it is; if it’s good, I’ll devour it. There’s no lecturer looking over my shoulder in disdain at what tome is open on my lap. It’s utter book freedom, and it’sContinue reading “On my bookshelf: New favourites”

On my bookshelf: Winter reads

Here’s a little flashback to the books I adored during one of my final terms at Glasgow University. My focus that semester was American women’s writing and Occupation France, as you’ll see from the reading list below. If you’ve read any of these books, let me know what you thought of them in the commentsContinue reading “On my bookshelf: Winter reads”