Four favourite walks on Scotland’s west coast

These walks won’t get your muscles defined, nor will they give you vertigo. Instead, these are four of my favourite leisurely strolls in different areas of Glasgow and the west, from city to coast. Alongside each wander, I’ve suggested an eatery (because we all know that’s the best reward after a day of exploring!) Loch LomondContinue reading “Four favourite walks on Scotland’s west coast”

An autumn walk (and cake stop!) at Loch Ard, Trossachs

We love Aberfoyle and the stunning scenery that surrounds it. Just under an hour from Glasgow, the winding A81 will take you past the concealed village of Drymen, then through rolling hills before larger crags appear from the earth. Home of Queen Elizabeth Forest Park (which features more glorious walks around waterfalls and under wires,Continue reading “An autumn walk (and cake stop!) at Loch Ard, Trossachs”

A postcard from… Camusdarach Beach, Arisaig

If I could travel north every weekend, I would. And if I could choose, I’d go to Camusdarach beach, between of Arisaig and Mallaig. Although ‘famous’ thanks to the 1983 film Local Hero, the bay is tranquil and in off-season can be practically deserted. It may be far to go just to escape, but it’s worth it forContinue reading “A postcard from… Camusdarach Beach, Arisaig”