Back to blogging… but not as I knew it

Hello — it’s been a while hasn’t it? (Haven’t you noticed the virtual tumbleweed around here?) Things have been changing, in both the online world and my life, and I’m sharing this to make sense of it all… Trying to find the words in a world of haste Over the past few months I’ve exhaledContinue reading “Back to blogging… but not as I knew it”

Short and sweet: Blue skies and fresh eyes

My ‘short and sweet’ series is for posts that I reel off, from my fingers to my screen, in record time. Little thoughts, memories, snapshots of my Scottish existence. Here is today’s entry. Lately I’ve been suffering from severely itchy feet. Metaphorically not literally, of course. With colleagues making the most of the off-season’s budgetContinue reading “Short and sweet: Blue skies and fresh eyes”

Short and sweet: Snowdrop season in Edinburgh

A quick collection of photographs featuring the first peep of snowdrops here in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our lazy Edinburgh days — when we’re mentally miles away from work — always start with coffee. A stroll through the far corners of the New Town, where Georgian facades back onto bleak modern buildings, and finally onto Broughton StreetContinue reading “Short and sweet: Snowdrop season in Edinburgh”

A postcard from… snowy Edinburgh

Hello! Me again, long time no see… I haven’t been showing up much lately on social media or on the blog in these first weeks of 2018 (why? Well, I’ve found that the less online time the less stress I have, so I’m just embracing the offline. Or real life, some might say!). But —Continue reading “A postcard from… snowy Edinburgh”

Another new year, one simple resolution

Happy New Year, fellow Scotland lovers! I don’t know about you, but after the crescendo of Hogmanay I often feel that the first of January is a little bittersweet — for me, it’s tinged with sadness that Christmas is over (I get major nostalgia for my childhood during the festive period) but it’s also goodContinue reading “Another new year, one simple resolution”

Bullet journaling for traditional diarists (like me!)

I’m starting a new series on the blog to allow me to write about subjects that don’t fit my usual Scotland/travel theme. In my ‘real life’ (as opposed to my online existence!) I’m a social media manager, so I’m keen to have the freedom to discuss other topics like Instagram, influencers and blogging more widely. SoContinue reading “Bullet journaling for traditional diarists (like me!)”

Driving home for… the Christmas tree and a wintery walk

When it comes to the seasons, I’m like a flighty lover. Every time another one rolls around — whether that’s the depths of winter, or the height of the Scottish summer — I declare I’m in love. Autumn or spring is the only one for me; I adore the frosted leaves, or make eyes atContinue reading “Driving home for… the Christmas tree and a wintery walk”

A whirlwind walking tour of Glasgow city centre | #YOYP2018

As someone who grew up not far from Glasgow, studied there and then swapped it for Edinburgh, I’ve experienced both of Scotland’s most noted cities. Glasgow is unpretentious, sprawling and insanely underrated by international visitors; whilst Edinburgh is its obviously beautiful opposite, with its Old and New Towns and more reserved inhabitants. At the endContinue reading “A whirlwind walking tour of Glasgow city centre | #YOYP2018”

An evening at Edinburgh’s Christmas market!

Over the past few weeks, winter has come to Edinburgh. Reports of the first frost on the Meadows; walks home with numb ears and breath clouding before me; the early sunsets that belie the true chill. I’d take a cold, dry day over rain every time and — as the weeks speed towards Christmas —Continue reading “An evening at Edinburgh’s Christmas market!”

From castle to coast: A day in Dirleton, East Lothian

The more I see of East Lothian, the more I love it. Sitting adjacent to historic Edinburgh, this sprawling region of countryside, castles and coastline really is a gem — and makes ideal day-trip fodder for us when we need to escape the city! This weekend (after a bit of research and map reading viaContinue reading “From castle to coast: A day in Dirleton, East Lothian”