A postcard from… Lochaber, and some thoughts on slow travel

The first few days it rained almost solidly. Between cups of tea and chocolate-sunk biscuits, we turned pages of books as the raindrops tapped the caravan windows. Reading Kathleen Jamie’s Findings, I imagined myself in an alternative weather reality hoping that, in a few days, I’d be able to get outside and note all the intricacies ofContinue reading “A postcard from… Lochaber, and some thoughts on slow travel”

A long weekend in leafy Perthshire

There are some spots in Scotland that, to me at least, seem seasonal. The iced Fife hills, sprinkled with sheep, are my end of winter. The secret gardens of East Lothian, blooming in rainbows, are where I spent my spring weekends. The rockpooled coasts of the west, with their white sands and clear tides, areContinue reading “A long weekend in leafy Perthshire”

A new project: Exploring the relationship between Scotland and social media

‘It’s remarkable how, in just a few hundred years, the way we see the Highlands can change entirely…’ ‘Today we walk through them, cycle over them, climb them, explore them — and photograph them, over and over again. This landscape no longer repels people with its harsh, unknowable obscurity. Instead it attracts them in theirContinue reading “A new project: Exploring the relationship between Scotland and social media”

A postcard from… Inverness and the Black Isle

Exploring like the locals It’s been over a year since we were last in the Highland capital. My partner and I fell in love there, so the city and its surroundings are like a planet we orbit around, its emotional pull growing with each return visit. Last holiday weekend we were there to visit his familyContinue reading “A postcard from… Inverness and the Black Isle”

A postcard from… Aberdeen Jazz Festival

Advertisement | This post is sponsored by VisitAberdeenshire and Aberdeen Festivals. That day at work, I was talking to my colleagues about New Orleans. I’d recently watched a few films about Louisiana, and — in a very suburban twist, for me at least — had begun sinking into jazz playlists on Saturday mornings whilst I baked,Continue reading “A postcard from… Aberdeen Jazz Festival”

Life in Fife: A walk to mark the weekend

A quick blog based on yesterday’s evening stroll and the notes I took afterwards in a journal, scrawled vertically whilst lying in bed before midnight. The sky was hazy, like viewing it through condensation on glass. ‘Walk?’ B messaged me. We hadn’t done this yet, but this notion we had before we moved to FifeContinue reading “Life in Fife: A walk to mark the weekend”

Using social media more mindfully

Is social media serving a purpose in your life, or is it just a distraction? After five years of using digital channels for my weekday career and blogging side hustle, this is a question that bounces around in my brain on a near-daily basis. Why? Because over the past few years I’ve begun to noticeContinue reading “Using social media more mindfully”

How to spend a weekend in Aberdeen

Advertisement | This post is sponsored by the lovely folk at VisitAberdeenshire. We’re not long back from a sunny weekend in Aberdeen on Scotland’s east coast. You may have noticed on Instagram that this was a sponsored trip; I was invited to cover Aberdeen’s Jazz Festival by the region’s tourist board but aside from thoseContinue reading “How to spend a weekend in Aberdeen”

Life in Fife: Little signs of spring

Yesterday we hiked up the hill behind our house. I say hike because this crag is far from a leisurely weekend stroll: the first part sees the walker take on a steep, leaf-lined trail before meeting a welcome flat pasture; from there, a grassy cattle road is joined and soon he or she is pointedContinue reading “Life in Fife: Little signs of spring”