To September, new starts, and not using social media

I am sitting in a borrowed office chair in our kitchen. It is late morning. The soft September light comes through the trees, dancing on our table, as the occasional rusting leaf twirls to the ground. I’m not sure where the year has gone. How has time actually passed, despite the wild world we liveContinue reading “To September, new starts, and not using social media”

Hashtag Scotland: What’s next for our slow travel project

When I was commuting into Edinburgh each weekday — how strange it feels saying that in past tense — I kept a small notebook in which I’d scribble ideas as the train rattled towards the city. It feels like a lifetime ago when I wrote the words, Where does Hashtag Scotland go next? You mayContinue reading “Hashtag Scotland: What’s next for our slow travel project”

Distancing #5: More links for weekend reading

All of this series, words from life under lockdown, can be found via this link. After a week of work — which involves creating content about the coronavirus for about 7 hours a day, which as you’ve guessed doesn’t provide much opportunity from switching off from the situation we currently find ourselves in — oneContinue reading “Distancing #5: More links for weekend reading”

Distancing #4: When change is not a choice

Notes from journal entries penned at the end of March, edited and shared as part of a new series called Distancing. Read them all via this link. How has life changed for you in the last month? I barely recognise mine. Rewind and it’s the end of February, moving into March. I’m tallying up almost aContinue reading “Distancing #4: When change is not a choice”

Distancing #3: Little links for morning reading

Most weekends, even now, my mornings look like this: I get up, incredibly slowly, and get excited if there’s even the smallest sliver of sunshine sneaking through the blind. I set up my laptop, book, journal and pens on the kitchen table. I make toast and a coffee (which is always in my favourite white-and-beigeContinue reading “Distancing #3: Little links for morning reading”

Distancing #2: Indoors is the new outdoors

This is part of a new series called Distancing, short blogs mostly taken from journal entries. I hope you’re all staying safe. A few days ago we went on a ten-mile walk somewhere in Scotland. The last time we were here, it was a glorious January day and the thought of a global pandemic was veryContinue reading “Distancing #2: Indoors is the new outdoors”

Distancing #1: Losing my job and abandoning anxiety

We are all navigating a ‘new normal’. Like many, I don’t know how to process it — I can only write. Writing has always been cathartic for me, and so I am going to share a new series called Distancing. These blogs will be short notes, mostly taken from journal entries, and shared here. I hope you’re allContinue reading “Distancing #1: Losing my job and abandoning anxiety”

Short and sweet: The temptation to take photos

Today we drove a short distance along the coast, deciding to walk a tree-lined stretch of gravel track beside a golf course. Every weather app and news outlet had forecasted an incoming storm; the breeze was powerful, the air so fresh we gulped it into our stagnant office bodies, and the waves turned white inContinue reading “Short and sweet: The temptation to take photos”

Welcoming 2020 with a few favourite walks — plus thoughts on the last year

It’s been a long time since I’ve typed anything for this little space of mine on the ever-expanding internet. The thought of writing solely for sharing online is something I seem to be stepping back from, little by little, as the years go by, so instead below are some notes from my journal. I thinkContinue reading “Welcoming 2020 with a few favourite walks — plus thoughts on the last year”

Five Ferries: 24 hours on the Isle of Bute

AD: This trip was sponsored by West Coast Waters, a campaign to celebrate Scotland’s diverse west coast ahead of VisitScotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters (#YCW2020). Having grown up and spent almost all of my childhood holidays on the west coast, I’m excited to share more of this part of Scotland with you. After disembarkingContinue reading “Five Ferries: 24 hours on the Isle of Bute”