Hi, I’m Laura.

I’m a twenty-something writer, social media specialist, and nature lover. I like long conversations, woodland walks, and disappearing between the pages of a book.

I write essays and capture photographs about slower travel, Scotland, and the importance of switching off.

Raised in a village on the west coast, educated in Glasgow, and now found between the sea and countryside, I live with my partner in Fife, Scotland.

I’ve been blogging at laretour (‘retour’ is the French for ‘return’) since 2013, after a year abroad but before I started my career in digital marketing. Years later it was my day job in social media, along with my love of Scottish landscapes from all those childhood caravan holidays, that got me thinking: How is social media changing the way we travel?

Although I’ve been writing for over a decade about a range of subjects, the last few years have seen me focus on slow travel. I’m particularly interested in the relationship between social media and how we experience places, and the ways in which platforms like Instagram are shaping the way we plan trips to Scotland and beyond.