About Laura, social media manager and travel blogger in Scotland

hello, I’m Laura

Hailing from a village on Scotland’s wild west coast, I now split my time between Edinburgh and Fife. During the week, I’m a social media manager in a department of the Scottish Government but outside the office, I live for the simple things. Getting lost in a book, café hopping in the city or — my favourite — breathing in the fresh air, there’s no better place to take it all in than here in Scotland! If I’m not outside, you’ll find me over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

why I blog about Scotland

I’ve loved reading and writing since I was a kid, publishing my own magazines at primary school and scrawling (questionable) poetry. After returning from a year abroad in France, the beauty of Scotland — from its landscapes to its people — really hit home and I realised that writing and photographing the magic of our wee country was something that gave me a huge amount of joy. And here I am now!

the meaning behind LARETOUR

‘Le retour’ means ‘the return’ in French. When I was working in Normandy, my friend encouraged me to set up a Twitter account and ‘returning’ to Scotland was all I could think of. So — given that my full name is distinctly beige — I played around with my initials and LARETOUR was born!

working with me

I have years’ experience in this industry, not just with this blog, but in my professional career as an online community manager. Over the past few years, I’ve collaborated with a range of organisations on projects I’m truly passionate about, promoting them through digital copy and social media. I’ve worked with VisitScotland, Historic Environment Scotland and Barbour to name a few. Read this page if you’d like to find out more about working with me.

and lastly… thank you for reading

Perhaps it’s strange to spend all day at a screen to then come home and blog! But there’s something about the creativity, the challenge of sharing a country as beautiful as Scotland, that I just love. I truly appreciate every comment you leave — it’s lovely to think this website might make you want to visit Scotland for yourself (and if you’re still debating… You definitely should!).

Laura x


2 thoughts on “About Laura, social media manager and travel blogger in Scotland

  1. Hi Laura
    We are just in love with your country. My parents are citizens of the UK and my hubby and I have plans in place to relocate (chlisten and dogs included) to whichever town in Scotland will have us. I have felt a pull to Scotland since I was a child (probably thanks to all my grans stories) and I cannot WAIT to become a Scot and raise my family there. I want to thank you for your blog….We are filing them in our “things do do when we get there” box. Aside from the “touristee” norms you take the time to show us treasured and beautiful less obvious places…..A big big thank you to you.

    On a personal note, I simply adore your writ in style.

    1. Hi Nicola! I am SO sorry I have not replied to this yet – my poor blog has been rather neglected of late! How are you? How are your relocation plans coming along? Haha 🙂 I wonder where you live just now? You are right, Scotland is a marvellous country and I think any town in Scotland would have you – you sound like a proud Scot already, so would fit in perfectly! 🙂 And a big thank you for your kind, kind words about my blog. As an OCD blogger, I really appreciate it! Do get in touch if you have any questions… and good luck on getting here! 🙂

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