About me

hello, I’m Laura

How to sum up my life in a paragraph? Well, I grew up in a village on the west coast of Scotland not too far from Glasgow, where I’d later study English Literature and French. As a child, my parents took me and my brother outdoors whenever the weather allowed, and sometimes when it didn’t (which explains a lot about my love of nature and wild skies). We holidayed in Scotland almost every spring, summer and autumn and — despite my teenage skepticism — I returned from my year abroad aged 20 even more in love with Scotland than ever. And that’s how this all began.

what you’ll find here

I started this blog once I returned home from Normandy (hence the name la retour, the feminine form of the return in French — la happens to be my initials, too) and since then it’s grown to be a space where I share moments from Scotland, thoughts on slow travel and occasional musings on how blogging is changing. Online, you’ll mostly find me here or on Instagram where I share my travel photos, current reads and moments of fika. In real life, I’m mostly commuting between Fife and Edinburgh for my job in digital marketing, but at the weekends I’m happiest in walking boots or on my second-hand bike.

working with me

If you’d like to work with me, you can find out more about the themes and interests I talk about over on the contact page. Everything I publish here is made with love by me, so please pitch with something relevant! Haste ye back… And enjoy this video of me slow-motion-wandering around the Isle of Skye in a branded campaign I took part in a few years ago. Two words: Wind. Blown.