About me

hello, I’m Laura

I’m a twenty-something social media geek, nature lover and bookworm based between Edinburgh and Fife. I grew up in a village on Scotland’s west coast, spending weekends in the outdoors with my family. After studying literature and French language at university, and a year abroad in Normandy, I started this blog. Since then, it’s grown to be a space where I share my weekend adventures from Scotland. Online, you’ll mostly find me here or on Instagram where I share my travel photos, current reads and moments of fika.

what you’ll find here

I’ve loved reading and writing since I was a kid, publishing my own ‘magazines’ at primary school and then doing some student journalism at uni… So it’s hardly surprising I’ve ventured into blogging! After returning (a retour) from my year abroad, I realised how fundamental Scotland — its landscapes to its people — were to my sense of self. That’s how I began sharing my travels, photographs, and ‘stories from Scotland’ here. This is a place where I’ll take you with me on my weekend adventures to cities, countryside and coastlines — I hope you like what you read.

working with me

I started this website back in 2013 and since then — alongside my full-time role as a social media manager — I’ve collaborated with a range of organisations on projects I’m truly passionate about. I’ve worked with VisitScotland, Historic Environment Scotland and Barbour to name a few. You can view my full portfolio and then contact me via the form below. I aim to reply to queries within a few days. Please note that I do not accept guest posts — everything you see here is written by me, so please pitch with something relevant!


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