Life in Fife: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This is our first Christmas since moving north, across the river, to Fife.

And here’s a long-overdue life update: I feel happier; less hurried. Each weekday I commute home from Edinburgh, switching off as soon as I close the door. Things have recalibrated—they had begun to at the start of the year, as I mentioned in this blog post—but since we moved, even more so. A shift, tectonic. The online me has found myself overgrown by the countryside, coastlines, calmness and endless chai tea to be had right here at home. There’s so much to live, to love, that scrolling just doesn’t interest me any more—instead, if I do share content, I’ll share it selectively and with passion, not because of some ad-serving algorithm. Priorities change, especially when the nights are long and gift us time to read and reflect under the soft, seasonal lights.

So here are a few photos from Saturday, when our little house got festive for the first time.

Incidentally it’s the first time in about a month since I’ve touched my camera… How things change! We also collected some holly from the roadside, inspired by my trip to France at the start of December when my friends and I went foraging in the nearby forests for Christmas decorations. Blog post to come on that (perhaps) sometime in the near future before a new year breaks, again, on our shores.

Until then, have a lovely festive season.

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