Short and sweet: That Friday feeling

This week has felt like the trials for an athletic event, albeit for the working mind. I’m in the qualifying stages, each day aiming to hit the required deadline, and only just making the mark. I have genuinely been leaving work with the blushed skin that follows exercise-induced breathlessness; the ink on my to-do list drying in the darkness. How tired I am. It’s been one of those weeks. But, Friday.

There’s so much to love about a Friday. That proud exhaustion when you clock out after a busy week at work. The anticipation of all the collective hours and minutes the weekend has ahead for you (forget the metric that it’s just two days). Add to that the fact that we get to spend all those minutes here, in our little house, calm in the colours of grey, green and light blue, with the light coming in the kitchen doors as I have my coffee in the Saturday morning silence.

Beyond bliss.

Happy weekend x

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