Another new year, one simple resolution

Happy New Year, fellow Scotland lovers!

I don’t know about you, but after the crescendo of Hogmanay I often feel that the first of January is a little bittersweet — for me, it’s tinged with sadness that Christmas is over (I get major nostalgia for my childhood during the festive period) but it’s also good to know that — even if it’s just a human construct — the New Year forces us to consider positive changes we can make, or goals we have for the twelve months ahead of us.

After a busy conclusion to 2017 that involved a lot of screen hours, I’ve been considering the amount of my free time I spend online and how happy it truly makes me (looking at you, Instagram). I came to one conclusion:

My 2018 resolution should be to switch off more.

Whether that’s swapping the internet for reading, chatting with friends, scribbling in my journal or just sitting with a cup of tea… I want to reverse my reliance on that encompassing digital existence we like to disdain in principle but often fail to recognise in our own behaviour (how often do you meet up with mates just to end up on social media, for example? The irony is indeed lost). As a test, I went almost-offline over Christmas break and felt a million times better for it. So here’s to more presence, and less of my phone, in 2018!

What are your resolutions for the New Year?

2 thoughts on “Another new year, one simple resolution

  1. It is a good resolution and I think I should also do it… For now I am not sure, I don’t have specific goals, just to do what I love, and take care/time for myself… baby steps!

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