The Scotlanders take on Outlander!

Exciting news, folks! I can finally share that next weekend (26-27 August) myself and a group of Scotland travel bloggers will be hitting the roads to bag filming locations from the iconic TV series Outlander!

This will see us rack up about 700 miles collectively as the six of us (with two guest Scotlanders, Instagrammer Kristy Ashton and Sophie of Ooh My World) attempt to visit almost 30 of the sites included in VisitScotland’s Outlander map. As you may know if you’re a show aficionado, it includes popular places like Midhope Castle and Culross, and some more off-piste spots that the cast have frequented over the first two seasons.

I’ll be teaming up with Patricia for this weekend of madness and we’ll all be sharing our adventures using #Scotlanders across social media, so please follow along! As with any campaign like this, I love the opportunity to visit both favoured and under-loved corners of Scotland for myself… So, there will be a LOT of Instagram Stories 🙂

Read the full story on the VisitScotland website.

5 thoughts on “The Scotlanders take on Outlander!

    1. Thanks so much, Leanne 🙂 It’s going to be busy but brilliant, lots of lovely locations to visit! Hope you’ve had a good week? I’ve just published a blog post you might like btw 🙂 Take care x

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