Short and sweet: Notes from the sofa

Happy weekend! I tap this to you from the couch where I’ve been stationed all day, nursing a gin hangover with Homeland and a gazillion cups of tea. After a weird week — starting with a bare to-do list but ending with a day of crazed storyboarding — I’ve welcomed the weekend with open arms. However, with the volatile weather, we’re unsure how we’ll spend our next few days. Perhaps we’ll spend the in-between rain showers stocking up on cinnamon rolls from Soderberg, or maybe we’ll head along the coast to East Lothian for some fresh air. Whatever you end up doing and wherever you’re exploring, have a lovely weekend!

Flashbacks from my week

Reading // One of my colleagues just lent me The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Murakami. She said there were pages so gruesome she had to skip them, so we’ll see how that goes… Anyone read it?

Listening // To as many France Inter news podcasts as I could before showing French notary students around an exhibition at work this week! It’s terrifying how much language you forget in so little time. I only graduated two years ago…

Watching // Totally hooked on Homeland. We were a bit sceptical at first but both the plot and the acting are first class. Don’t send me spoilers though, we’re only on season one!

Eating // Bucketloads — literally — of chicken. My colleagues have been itching to hit Wings in Edinburgh for weeks and last night we finally managed it. The clue’s in the name; this restaurant sells chicken wings with sauces of all varieties, and not much else… New favourite fast food joint!

Wearing // Thanks to the blog Private Life of a Girl, I’ve just discovered Thought Clothing. I’ve been wanting to shop more sustainably for a while now. Sending advance apologies to my bank account!

How’s this week been for you?

4 thoughts on “Short and sweet: Notes from the sofa

  1. Brilliant piece as always! I’m with you on Homeland – we watched it to fill the Game of Thrones void & now we’re hooked! We are also thinking of heading to East Lothian this weekend, where abouts are you talking about heading?x

    1. Aw thank you Jen ❤ Did you get your East Lothian trip today? After a lazy wander around Princes St we are back watching Homeland. Classy adventurous weekend eh?! Haha xx

  2. I’ve started reading Murakami books, but i haven’t read that one. Sometimes I read one page over and over to really understand the meaning behind the narrative that he wrote. but so far, i love his books.

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