Short and sweet: Happy weekend!

As much as I love spending hours tapping stories on here, there’s something to be said for the ‘insta-blog’. I see these a lot on other websites; swift tales that are more like diary entries than fully-fledged articles. So I thought I might do something similar and start a series called short & sweet, which will basically be a place for my Friday night ramblings and wee life updates. Brace yourselves!

So right now, I’m writing this from our flat in Edinburgh. The Saturday sun is climbing higher somewhere behind the clouds lying on top of Arthur’s Seat. We’re having a ‘lazy’ weekend… but there’s a lot of stuff to get done! I have blog upon blog to write, a few from our trip to Sandford House in Fife and one about my recent adventures with Barbour (watch the Skye video here!) I’m looking forward to sharing that in the next wee while. But until then, have a happy weekend! Here’s a few snippets from my week, feel free to share yours in the comments below.

Stuff I loved this week

Books // I’m currently reading Hot Milk by Deborah Levy. It’s a novel I imagine Sylvia Plath to have written, if she’d lived until the next millennium. An exploration of what it means to become a woman through the mother-daughter relationship.

Downloads // American Pie by Don McLean. Amy over at Ameldi mentioned this in one of her catch-up blogs the other week; I’d forgotten how good this song was!

Podcasts // A really interesting BBC In Our Time episode about the Kuiper Belt, a region stretching from Neptune’s orbit which encompasses Pluto (just!) 50 astronomical units from the sun. I’m not a huge fan of the presenter, Melvyn Bragg, who seems to belittle his learned invitees… but nevertheless, stuff about space always adds welcome perspective to my daily grind.

TV // Really getting into The Replacement on BBC! We also binge-watched Divergent on Netflix this week. Perhaps we need to give a little more thought as to why literature like this (Hunger Games etc) is so à la mode at the moment.

Eats // I’ve discovered that, during the Friday afternoon free fall, you can’t beat raspberry doughnuts. And then curry. And potentially a bit too much white wine.

Clothes // All about the black turtlenecks. Or really just black in general…

What’s new with you this week?

2 thoughts on “Short and sweet: Happy weekend!

    1. It’s a good book! I still haven’t finished it yet though, too busy binge-watching Homeland… Shocking, eh?! What are you reading right now? x

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