A few simple resolutions

I’m not usually one for bothering with the cliché, usually abandoned-in-January New Year’s resolution. But for some reason, 2017 feels different. Perhaps it’s knowing how hard last year was for us, or maybe it’s just December’s overeating spurring me on to try something new… Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to kick-starting 2017 with a fresh perspective.

So here are my simple resolutions, alongside some countryside photos from my time back home. P.S. I also downloaded the fab little Streaks app earlier, which is a great way to encourage you to tick off those resolutions every day. Merry 2017!


Be less scared on social media.

If you know what I actually do for a living, this might sound like a bizarre thing for me to say! But this resolution isn’t about my work, it’s about my blog. You know what? I’m afraid of being judged and that sometimes clouds what I post. For example, I love Instagram, but I censor myself. I’ll go for a quote as opposed to a lengthy caption about my feelings because I think, Who cares what I have to say? But there’s a flaw in this logic, because behind a social profile is a real person. So I’m going to try and analyse less, just be me and embrace the opportunities that come my way.


Hoard less and donate more.

I want to start buying items that — although more expensive — will last longer (saying farewell to you, H&M, and your crappy clothing). By doing so, I’m hoping that I can minimise the amount of clutter I have in my wardrobe and on my shelves and donate what I don’t need to charity. That’s another thing: now I have some spare cash, I’d like to give more to important causes.


Read at least a book a month.

Over the Christmas break, I actually managed to finish a novel for the first time in weeks! Sometimes I forget how good it feels to turn the last page and reach the conclusion; it’s like exhaling deeply (that make sense?) So I’ve signed up to Goodreads and my goal is to read one book a month in 2017. Whether that’s during my lunch break, when dinner’s on or even before bed, I find reading one of the easiest ways to chill out and forget daily stresses. Tomes on the list include Grief is the Thing with FeathersA Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and Hot Milk.


Return to daily yoga practice.

When I came back from my year abroad in France, I got into yoga in a big way. I would wake up, roll out my mat and meditate for 30 minutes before heading to Glasgow for university lectures. It’s been years since I last practiced and — since I don’t cycle much thanks to my hour walk to work — I’m going to take advantage of our office yoga lessons. I’m hoping this will not only improve my flexibility, but will be a great de-stresser (as well as forcing me to turn off my phone!)


Explore someplace new each weekend.

To be fair, we are quite good at this one already (or so it seems on Instagram!) I’d like to continue our weekend adventures in 2017. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s taking a different walking route through Edinburgh, or if it’s a trip further afield to the Highlands or the Lake District… It’s all about making the most of our weekends, which — when you’re both in a full-time job — is so important.

And finally… keep smiling!

Here’s a cliché resolution if ever there was one! I want to try and always see the positives, smile and laugh with people, and do one kind thing a day.

Tell me — what are YOUR resolutions for 2017?

6 thoughts on “A few simple resolutions

  1. Happy new year! I wish all these things for you in 2017! I’m the same, I want to take more care of myself with a little more weights and yoga, they both make me feel good, so I should focus on that. And putting myself out there more! First thing though is getting my passport back!

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Camila! ❤ Oh my goodness though, I just caught up with your blog and didn't realise you're back in Canada! Tell me you've got your passport sorted?! Wishing you all the good things for 2017 & a return to this country. When you do, let's meet for coffee!! x

  2. I Love ALL of these Laura! This year I’ve tried to make simple, easier to keep resolutions & work on them month by month rather than a whole host all in one, I’m hoping it might be easier to reach my goals if they’re split into manageable chunks.

    I spent most of last year reducing my possessions down & I finally feel like I’ve reached a happy medium the only thing I have left to tackle is my bookshelves…the hardest part I think. So if you have any advice on how to decide what to keep & what to donate I’m open to all suggestions!

    I’m completely with you on being more open on social media, I’m hoping to get blogging seriously this year – including some self-promotion *cringe* GOOD LUCK! Jxx

    1. JEN! Thank you! ❤ You know what? After day one back at work & an attempt at all my resolutions in a day, it's safe to say I may have to adopt your theory of 'manageable chunks' haha! Do you think reducing your possessions has helped? Oh my goodness, I'm terrified of giving books away. I'm down to one bookshelf but unless I hate a book I just hoard it! So it looks like YOU might need to give ME tips… Haha! 🙂 Good luck with the blogging! Ping me an email if you need a hand with any of the easy-tech stuff, happy to help! And get putting yourself out there, why the hell not! Sending lots of happiness your way for 2017! 😀 xx

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