Life lately: May

When I started typing these ‘Life Lately‘ posts over a year ago, it was more of a chore than cathartic. But now — thanks to the full-time job and abandonment of my paper journal — I’m kind of enjoying it. It’s a good way to look back on the past month and think: What would I change? What did I love? What should I fight for?

May was one of those jam-packed months that sped past in a blur of sunshine and sea fog (in the east, anyway). It’s also been an emotional month: my Gran fractured her hip a few days after her birthday, outside Marks & Spencer of all places. She is slowly on the mend which is promising, and she has such a determined strength of character that I’m sure she’ll be home soon enough. Baby steps.

Here’s a few snippets from my May. Please do tell me where you’ve been exploring in the comments below; I love hearing your stories! And don’t forget there’s an open invite to my Instameet this coming weekend in the Pentlands (June 4!) I hope I can meet some of you there.

The old laundry house at Finlaystone Estate, near Glasgow
Here comes the sun

First off: oh my GOODNESS what a lovely month it has been! It has been so liberating — after that winter — to go outside in little more than jeans and a t-shirt, feeling that big burning orb in the sky… I’ve also explored more of Edinburgh than I ever have these past few weeks (there’s a clear correlation between the weather and my zest for adventure, evidently.) Adventures included a walk around the Bonaly reservoirs, a stroll from Stockbridge to Dean Village, a picnic on a pontoon overlooking the Clyde, a sail on the aforementioned river and a family day out at Finlaystone. I’m convinced there’s no better place than outside!


Food, glorious food!

B and I started the month off right with a trip to Twelve Triangles, a ‘hipster’ bakery just off Leith Walk. But it’s not just any overpriced hipster bakery — it also does REALLY good doughnuts. They are stuffed with flavours like the classic raspberry jam and the edgier passionfruit cream, and these vary every day. Then, halfway through May, I got my brace off. This doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but when you’ve gone EIGHT MONTHS without tea, coffee or curry, let me tell you that it definitely is! Now I understand why in British TV programmes, the characters are always drinking tea. Not just because it’s the classic antidote for trivial problems, but also because it just tastes incredible. I’m off to put the kettle on…


Hoping for change

B, my partner of 4 years, graduated with a Masters in Offshore Engineering in autumn and he’s still struggling to find a job. Coming home to listen to his woes just puts in perspective how hard it is for people to find work right now. So much for the ‘strong economy’ that certain political parties are talking about; I know for a fact that several hundred people applied for a supervisor role in a supermarket up the road. And I bet half of these people are overskilled… There are many graduates out there (like myself, I guess) who’ve been lucky enough to find a decent job after uni. But there are so many others who are struggling and stay silent. Perhaps I’ll voice B’s story in the coming weeks (rant alert!)


Some upcoming travels!

We don’t have enough pennies at the moment to book a ‘real’ holiday, but we’ve managed to get a fairly cheap night away at the Lake of Menteith Hotel in a couple of weeks. I’ve also got some exciting projects coming up in the next few months which hopefully will involve more travel around Scotland! I’ll let you know when I know, so keep your eyes peeled on social media

What adventures are you planning for June?

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