Life lately: April

How the hell is it May already? I mean, the last I checked it was February… With work and the wild weather recently, I’ve barely clocked time’s passing. Regardless of the blur in which it’s flown by, April has been a good month. We’ve seen more of Scotland, we’ve explored Edinburgh, we’ve ticked off the city’s touristy stuff. And summer is truly on its way now. Sunshine, yippee!


Today I’m also celebrating 3 years since I returned home from a difficult year abroad in France. I spoke more about this time on the Year Abroad Diaries section of this site. It feels like a totally different life when I look back on it… I might write about it again sometime, but for now I’m just happy that I got through it.

Anyway, April! Here’s my round up from this month. Tell me how yours was — and give me your Edinburgh café recommendations — in the comments! Wishing you all a fantastic May!


Kintyre wigwamming

We spent what was meant to be four nights — which became three because the weather was so bad! — holed up in a wigwam in rural Kintyre. It was so good to escape the city for a while and just breathe the fresh air, even if it was diluted by all those raindrops! I’d never explored that part of Scotland before, and it really felt like we’d reached the end of the road. Farms everywhere, forgotten towns, wild coastlines… A beautiful part of the world which you can explore in just a few days. Well worth a long weekend trip!


Sunshine on Leith

I’ll remember April as the month when the sun finally began to shine on Leith. And for once, we really did make the most of it RIGHT HERE (as opposed to driving north!) We enjoyed some quiet, relaxing weekends wandering the Botanic Gardens under the rays, and then storming up Salisbury Crags for the most amazing views over the city. I’ll write a longer post on that walk later, but I’ll tell you one thing — it’s much better than Arthur’s Seat (controversial, right?!) So we’re almost converts to this beautiful city, but one thing we miss? That forever-chatty, always-friendly Glaswegian attitude. People really do make Scotland’s biggest city!


Work, work, work

Not going to lie, it’s still such a shock to be in full time work after the laziness of post-uni summer last year! Yet again, I’ve accumulated days of overtime to take back this month because — as the weather warms — there are more events to attend. I’ve been down at Tweed Valley (and isn’t Peebles just picture-perfect?) and I also got to meet the inspirational Craig Mathieson, who runs the Polar Academy (see what this initiative is about here). But after work is over, I struggle to find time for my own blogging. How does everyone else manage it?


Walks with Dad

I’ve talked before about how much my parents’ love of the outdoors has filtered down to me… Especially my Dad’s. Even though he has the dodgiest hip in Argyll, he still tramps up Glen Fruin at the weekends, goes sailing on the Clyde and kayaks during summer. He even beats me to the summit when we’re walking! This month we had a lovely wander at Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. One of the best things about family is that lack of pressure to make conversation interesting. You simply talk about whatever, or everything, or nothing… And I’m grateful for that.

Tell me: how was April for you?

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