Life lately: March

Another month has just flown by, the clocks have changed and it’s officially British summer time! Thank heavens. Although I love the snow, I was getting a bit bored of dark nights. I’m looking forward to balmy summer evenings when B and I can stroll around the pretty Edinburgh streets or even up Arthur’s Seat. We just need the mercury to rise a little…

So here’s what I’ve been up to this month. I actually had to consult my journal for a reminder, saying to B, ‘Was that really just three weeks ago?’ The days are disappearing so quickly. There’s nothing else to do but make the most of them 🙂


Winter on the mountains

At the very start of the month, I was lucky enough to join Tiso and ClimbMTS for a day’s winter mountaineering in Glenshee. I can’t describe this without using a proliferation of horrendously flowery adjectives, so let me just say: this was without a doubt up there as one of the best outdoor experiences of my life. So if somebody offers you a day on the hill with an ice axe? Don’t doubt yourself, just do it. Read the full post here.

March reading list

Our first book festival

On Glasgow’s sunniest Sunday of 2016 so far (March 20) we spent the day indoors at Aye Write, the city’s annual book festival. We had tickets to see Matt Haig and Nicola Sturgeon and — as it was my first ‘literary event’, apart from English Lit lectures ha! — I wasn’t sure what to expect. But both events were great. From Matt’s honest depiction of life with depression, to Nicola’s surprising choice of Pride and Prejudice as one of her life-changing books… Well, it was worth it, even if I did miss out on some much-needed Vitamin D (I’m a Scot, what can I say).


More weekend escapes

Don’t you just love Ordnance Survey?! I bought B a map of Perthshire this month for his birthday, so we spent that day in overcast Dunkeld, wandering the mountain bike trails near Cally Loch and ending up lost (which in retrospect probably shouldn’t have happened, since we had a map and all). The appearance of four startled deer were the metaphorical alarm bells that warned us we’d gone too far… Oops. Then, later in March, we took to the road and ended up in Inveraray, Argyll. You can read all about our trip here. Please visit, it’s such a beautiful part of Scotland… Just look at that castle!


There’s no place like home

There’s nothing like being home, is there? The smell of the sheets, the rain on the window pane, the routine familiarity of your childhood household… Last weekend, I finally took some time out with my mum. We spent a good hour in the lovely Riverhill Courtyard talking worries, life and work. Here’s to mothers, our eternal cheerleaders.

Tell me — how has March treated you?

3 thoughts on “Life lately: March

    1. Anabel – small world eh? I thought she was so personable and down to earth – that’s why people like her so much, I think! And her choice of books was really interesting. Did you go to any other events? x

      1. Not this year. The last couple of years I’ve been a volunteer which is great because you can be allocated to anything and talks you wouldn’t have chosen can turn out to be excellent. This year I didn’t have time.

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