Life lately: February

February has gone SO fast and I’ll tell you why: I’ve barely had time to draw breath. From the extra Saturdays at work, to the rush of office tasks and the occasional escape to the hills, it’s been a blur. But at the same time, it’s been a damn sight better than January. So I’m not complaining! Here’s my February highlights.

Looking over towards West Lomond , Fife

Getting outside

We’ve been making the most of this month’s amazing winter weather by escaping Edinburgh and heading north. If you read regularly, you’ll know we had a jaw-dropping walk on East Lomond in Fife. I don’t think I’ve ever seen (with my own eyes) a landscape that shiny, white, crisp… It was just astounding, and really lit that fire in me to start walking more. This weekend, we went further and spent an afternoon in Dunkeld at Polney Crag, watching the cars fly north on the A9. Thank goodness for earlier nights and clear skies. It lets us really make the most of Scotland!


Working 9 till, er… 6

It’s been a crazy month at work. There’s so much going on that sometimes I barely know where to start… But that’s GOOD. I’d rather be overloaded than have nothing to do, right? I’m lucky enough that I’m meeting some really inspiring people through my day-to-day job… mountain bikers, Everest conquerors, trad climbers… And at the start of February, I even saw Dave Macleod at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival. And have to admit I had a total fan girl moment (which I don’t think is very cool in the outdoors community. Apologies.)


Sunset on February

And as a pretty fitting end to February, we spent Sunday evening up Calton Hill watching the sunset. Although we were trapped in a throng of tourists and photographers, seeing the colours over the Old Town was impressive. I might have to rethink which city is my favourite at sundown… Glasgow or Edinburgh, the perpetual question!

How was February for you?

2 thoughts on “Life lately: February

  1. It was such a gorgeous end of February! And Feb was definitely a busy month for me at work too – though I’m looking forward to holidays in two weeks yay! 🙂

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