What to expect at a Scottish Instameet

Whether you’re an Instameet regular or you’re simply confused about the whole concept, nae stress. I’ve put together a handy, tongue-in-cheek guide to the strange moments that can occur when social media becomes reality. I may be a gramming obsessive, but that doesn’t mean I can’t poke fun at the weird online world we live in. Happy snapping!

What to expect at an Instameet

Grammers exchanging gram handles

This is the first thing you’ll do on arrival. Say hi, introduce yourself, ask what each others’ handles are, and get stalking. You might either love/hate their photos, be shocked at how many/little followers they have, or go into fangirl mode once you realise that’s the person who’s photography you’ve been loving for so long.

Grammers gramming everything

This may be an obvious one, but really: everything is photographed. From the mode of transport to lunch, it’s all fair game. But more than that, you should be prepared to do some really bizarre things for your new photographer friends. Strut down a castle’s driveway, hold props for their shots, strike your best pose on a hilltop… Yep, it’s ‘all for the gram’.

What to expect at an Instameet

Grammers acing that ‘tiny people in big places’ shot

If you’re a seasoned Instagrammer, you’ll know that one of the crucial elements to include in your squares is tiny people. Whether they’re far away on a hill, walking down a street or standing on top of a building, no matter: if they’re there, you can use the #tinypeopleinbigplaces hashtag. See the photos for how to ace it.

Grammers one-upping their wanderlust

It’s pretty unavoidable on an Instameet, but perhaps even worse in a country as small as Scotland: everyone thinks they know it better. Cue conversations like, ‘have you ever visited there? Oh my god, it’s just amazing!’ Don’t even bother trying to trump it: just accept that, in this community of wanderlusters and grammers, there’s always someone who’s been someplace more spectacular than you (that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a notepad to jot down ideas for your bucket list).

What to expect at an Instameet

 Grammers networking

Got your business card at the ready? What, you don’t even have a business card?! (Can we be friends? Neither do I). If you’re out on the Instameet corporate circuit, you’ll find there’s a bunch of folk hunting for new opportunities before this one’s even over. Not that I’m dissing business cards — my love for stationery knows no bounds — but personally, blogging’s for fun. I leave my suit and tie in the wardrobe to fester on a Friday night.

Have you got any funny stories to share from an Instameet?

10 thoughts on “What to expect at a Scottish Instameet

  1. The first time I was asked what my “handle” was I honestly had no idea what they were on about, and that was my third or fourth of these meets!
    Business cards? What sort of instameets are you going to?

    1. Haha! Feel your pain, the only reason I finally got it was because of Twitter. I guess some of the meets had professional bloggers which explains the business card element. To be fair, not a bad idea! 🙂

  2. Love this! I only went to my first instameet a couple of weeks ago & had a few of these moments simultaneously – Berries asked me my username & I was fangirlling so hard I had no idea! Lol. Note to self: be cooler!

    1. Aw thank you Jen! I wrote this just after being at my first Instameet and found it really bizarre / kind of wonderful at the same time. So lovely to connect with likeminded people! Where was your meet recently? (PS I’m always telling myself to be cooler!)

  3. I quite like the concept of Instameets but I have to admit there is one thing I’m confused about:
    I always assumed those meets are for people who take pictures with their phones only, pics straight to Instagram and that’s it. Is that right or can you show up with an additional DSLR?

    1. Hi Vanessa! Good question! So I have never had a decent phone and am struggling away with a Sony Xperia. I always take my DSLR and don’t take ANY photos on my phone. Most people go along with a DSLR and take a few shots on their iPhones or similar (and then they edit copiously before they post on Instagram). So when you go to your first meet, people won’t think you’re strange for turning up with an actual camera… it’s totally normal! 🙂 Hope you’re getting on well!

    1. You should! There are meets organised quite often through hubs like @igersedinburgh, so keep an eye out for that! And it would be nice to catch up with you since I missed out on the afternoon tea last year. Let me know if another blogger meet up is on the horizon! 🙂

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog via Bloglovin and this post caught my eye!
    The reality of an instameet sounds both bizarre and fun! Haven’t had a chance to go to one yet, kind of want to try it though 🙂
    x Kathi

    1. Thanks for commenting Kathi, and yay that you found me! 🙂 I love Bloglovin, I’m such an addict haha. You should give it a go and see what you think! I enjoyed it but have to admit it was a bit strange in a way – I’ve always been told never to meet people off the internet so it went against those ingrained preconceptions… but everyone was super nice! 🙂 have a lovely weekend when it comes x

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