Life lately: January

Nobody ever claims that January is fun. But — naively — I kind of thought I’d mastered it. I began the allegedly depressing 31 days full of hope and ideas for the year ahead. But then I hit a wall. Not through my own lack of optimism — I was feeling pretty damn positive — but through other people’s pessimism. No matter how bright your outlook, you can never control someone else’s clouds.

So yeah, the middle of January really did live up to its depressing reputation. But in between the falls and slip ups, there were some moments (mostly outdoors) which picked me right up again. Long live weekend escapes!

The two guys and our vintage sledge.
The two guys and our vintage sledge.
Snow ready

Just two weeks after Christmas, I had the perfect excuse to head home: my dad’s birthday. And — as was tradition, according to my grandmother — it snowed. How better to spend a Sunday than trashing the local golf course with a seventies’ sledge? Afterwards, the four of us plus honorary family member B explored the stark grounds of St Peter’s Seminary. See the pictures here.

Enjoying the view from Arthur's Seat.
Enjoying the view from Arthur’s Seat.
Exploring Edinburgh

I know, we’re lazy. Thanks to the view of Arthur’s Seat from our window, it’s taken us a shameful three months to get to the top. But it was worth it. We could see the snow approaching from the Pentlands and Edinburgh city itself fading into cloud. What an incredibly beautiful place to have right in the centre of town! You can read more about our walk here. More places ticked off my list this month include Portobello beach (grey), the Botanics (return trip needed) and Alien Rock 2 for a bit of bouldering (sore, but SO fun!)

Cloudy Sundays at the Botanics, Edinburgh (much bigger than Glasgow's).
Cloudy Sundays at the Botanics, Edinburgh (much bigger than Glasgow’s).
A night at the theatre

I hadn’t been to the theatre in years when a friend got in touch and asked us if we wanted to see The Weir at the Lyceum. I deliberately didn’t Google the play beforehand, so I had no idea what to expect. The set was fantastic: the bar in the foreground split from the rainy backdrop by a transparent wall (covered in wallpaper which dimmed and brightened depending on the lights). Apart from the well-designed set, I didn’t really grasp the meaning of the play. A group of people in a rural pub in Ireland simply discuss some ghost stories and begin revealing their personalities to each other… But I Googled it after, and apparently it’s one of the twentieth century’s most significant plays. Don’t tell anybody I studied English Literature, okay?

Wandering country lanes at Flotterstone, the Pentlands.
Wandering country lanes at Flotterstone, the Pentlands.
4 years together

Okay, we didn’t actually do anything to celebrate this milestone! But regardless of how unromantic I am, 4 years is quite a big deal. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone: meeting at university, surviving seven months in France, despairing at final dissertations… and finally moving in together in Edinburgh. Here’s to more adventures, whatever side of Scotland we’re on.


How was January for you?

3 thoughts on “Life lately: January

  1. This is such a lovely wrap-up post. As always your pictures are gorgeous! Is it terrible that I haven’t been to the Glasgow Botanics, let alone Edinburgh’s? :/

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