Life lately: December

So the final month of 2015 has wandered by… yet another few weeks filled with bad weather and 9-5 work! It seemed to me that — until we escaped Edinburgh on the 23rd to return west — we’d barely had any time in the countryside. I love our flat, I’m enjoying my job, but my God do I miss open landscapes. Coming home — regardless of the fact it’s a village — means quiet roads, looking up at unobscured skies and a quick stroll to the fields. I don’t think I’ll ever be a city girl.

When we’ve not been working, our downtime has been filled with family, food and festivities. Let’s say goodbye to this year with a few highlights, from this month to my favourite blog posts of 2015. Hope you enjoy Hogmanay, potentially the best tradition to come out of Scotland!


Home for Christmas

Doesn’t being home during the festive season just blow everything else out the water?! I honestly wouldn’t care if I got no presents, no Christmas dinner and no snow on Christmas Day (not that the west coast ever gets that…) As long as there’s a sweet-smelling tree and my family nearby, I’m happy. We had a lovely, quiet Christmas with my parents, brother and grandparents, laughing at cringeworthy cracker jokes and trying not to fall asleep in our puddings.


Turning off Twitter

I’ve taken a much-needed break from social media and blogging for the last week or so, for several reasons. Firstly — since web content is now daily life for me — I’m finding I have zero creativity for my own pursuits once I return from the office. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means I need to make more minutes to write, draw and blog for myself… Any tips, let me know! Second, I sometimes find social media quite a depressing place. It’s human nature to compare yourself to others, and if you’re not hardened against that you tend to crush your own aspirations. Disappearing from the screen (and returning to my paper journals) has helped… here’s to more handwritten words in 2016!


West coast air

Although the weather has been pretty abominable so far, I’ve managed a few wanders whilst I’ve been home. The Sunday after Christmas, we shot up the trig point behind the village. Across fields, wading through burns and jumping fences, we were lucky enough to spot two deer in the distance. We weren’t blessed with a clear Ben Lomond when we reached the summit, but the colours and views were worth it. We’ve also explored the grounds of St Peter’s Seminary and Kelvingrove Park over the past few days.


My favourite blog memories of 2015

January: visiting Loch Arthur Farm Shop, one of the highlights of our Visit Scotland bloggers’ trip to Dumfries and Galloway

April: getting lost in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, an ode to the Trossachs and Scottish wilderness

July: three of my favourite places to visit near Loch Lomond, ideal for that once-in-a-lifetime British heatwave

September: getting our first taste of Airbnb in Italy near Rome

November: breathing in the best of autumn in the Borders (Visit Scotland and Borders Railway Instameet)

My best of 2015 on Instagram 


What are your highlights of 2015?

8 thoughts on “Life lately: December

  1. I always enjoy your blogs – inspiration when I can’t be walking in Scotland myself. Handwritten journals are a good escape from glaring screens but would deprive your audience! Good luck for the new year

  2. Nice, i plan to see a lot more in Scotland next year. I have been cooped up this year studying for my professional exams, managed a city break to Amsterdam, which was great.

    1. Hope the exams went well? Amsterdam is on my list of places to visit. In Scotland I’d definitely do Skye and the Lochaber coast (Arisaig, Mallaig etc) — just a perfect place 🙂

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