Life lately: October

And so the month of pumpkins, spiced lattes and clock changes has passed quicker than I thought possible. It’s been such a busy few weeks for me — all but several days of it without internet! — that I’ve barely blogged at all.  But now we’re connected, I’m hoping to get back to writing with renewed zest… Well, I do have a different city to discover! So here’s what October’s been like my way.

Finding a flat

There’s the full story over on this blog post… but, to summarise, flat hunting at the start of October was unbelievably stressful. At the end of a crappy few days of failed research, we were so lucky to find a place we loved and a landlord who wanted us to live there. In the space of a week, we’d placed all our things around the bookcased corners, oak tables and corniced crannies of our new flat. A miracle!

Edinburgh from Calton Hill

Starting my job

Although I was pretty nervous to begin my first post-university employment, I have loved my first three weeks in the office! They’ve zoomed past in a blur of outdoor-focused blog posts, photography sessions, store visits and email shots. I’m lucky to have two patient and knowledgeable guys within my team who are even offering to teach me how to code. Exciting times!

Outside the Scottish Parliament

Autumn illnesses

If you’re not at uni catching freshers’ flu in the opening weeks of autumn, you’re stuck in an office instead. I spent the initial fourteen days of my job coughing and sniffling, and the next seven with a yellow throat (yuck). Thankfully I’m now even more drugged up than before (antibiotics trump Beechams any day).

Exploring Abbotsford Castle on the Visit Scotland instameet

Exploring the city

Although it’s definitely colder on the east coast, living in Edinburgh has its advantages. On our first weekend, we spent a lazy afternoon wandering the Royal Mile, munching on fudge and stopping for a peek in the Scottish Parliament (even more impressive inside). And last Saturday, I took the train to the Borders with a handful of Instagrammers. Visit Scotland were kind enough to select some stunning places for us to visit, all with the requisite sprinkling of autumnal golds, reds and browns on the landscape. Blog post is right here!

How’s October been for you?

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