Life lately: September

Where has September gone? I feel like I’ve barely had time to register the dropping temperatures, or the leaves slowly turning gold. I won’t lie though, I am looking forward to the middle months of autumn — I have great memories of being at Cameron House last October, looking at the still loch surrounded by orange leaves. This is a great season to visit Scotland, with the green grasses merging into the hills’ purple heather and golden bracken… Roll on weekend adventures on the east coast!

So here’s my round-up for this month. Comment or tweet me yours below!

I wish this was my birthday cake... Red velvet at McCune Smith Café.
I wish this was my birthday cake… Red velvet at McCune Smith Café.

Turning twenty-three

Wow, am I feeling old. I remember when I was in my teens, looking at people who were in their twenties and thinking they’re so mature. They’ve got so much responsibility. Now I’m at that age myself, my previous notion seems kind of laughable. I’m at that point now where my dad‘s mantra — ‘I still feel twenty inside!’ — is becoming more and more understandable. In my mind, I’ll forever be a sprightly nineteen.


Training & flat hunting

As the days pass, the countdown continues towards my move to Edinburgh. At the start of September, I spent a few hours in the Glasgow outdoor store with a few of my new colleagues. Discussing website ideas, talking Instagram campaigns and having lightbulb moments with interview ideas… It sounds like I’ll really enjoy this job (fingers crossed!) I’m seeing it as an intriguing hybrid between ‘outdoor journalist’ and retail copywriter. The only thing to do now is find a flat… No pressure.

Return to Rome

At the end of the month, we took our first foray into Airbnb territory and woke up to this amazing view each morning! An hour from bustling Rome, we spent our days lazing by the apartment’s pool, gazing at the Sabine hills and reading books galore (Louise Welsh, Dan Brown and Neil Oliver’s ‘A History of Scotland’ to name a few). We also managed to sneak in a few trips south to the capital, where we stuffed our stomachs full of gelato, cannoli, pizza and more gelato! Details to come in later blog posts, but it was a lovely way to relax before work begins in a few weeks’ time. And would you believe it, autumn has begun in Italy too? I’m so naively Scottish, I thought their trees would stay green until November. Nope! We saw that gorgeous golden tinge taking hold of the Mediterranean shrubs too. Maybe Scottish seasons aren’t as savage as we think!

How’s September been for you?

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One thought on “Life lately: September

  1. haha I just turned 26 and I still feel the same! I mean I feel old when I see 19 year olds running around – babies – but I feel young because of the same reason you mentioned – when I was younger I always thought people in their 20s were supposed to have it together haha what a joke right? …Heading to Italy in 2 weeks and this has me excited for the trip! 🙂

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