Life lately: August

August has just been such a blur; most of it happening underneath west coast rain clouds. But before I start sharing my favourite moments of the past month, I have some news to share. I’ve got a job! After months of searching, I’ll be moving to Edinburgh in October to start work as a web content coordinator with a Scottish outdoor company. Simultaneously excited and terrified, I’m looking forward to B and I putting down roots somewhere, moving in to our first flat, putting our things on the shelves, making dinner together. And — finally — really exploring the east coast!

So before August draws to a close, here’s a few things I’ve been grateful for this month.


Rain clouds & reading

I may have moaned at the time, but the permanent raincloud over our Arisaig-based caravan was somewhat of a blessing. We were forced to stay cooped up for almost a week, devouring dozens of novels whilst listening to the taps of rain on the rooftop. I ate chocolate raisins galore, breathed deeply, wrote my journal for the first time in almost a year, and just read. I don’t think I’ve felt so relaxed in a long while. Do you ever feel like bad weather can be a bit of a saviour, sometimes? It forces us to chill out, take time for ourselves, concentrate on the simple things… And with constant distractions, emails and social lives to nurture, surely that’s a good thing!

Lac du Der

A big break… finally!

Trawling through hyped-up job descriptions, receiving endless notifications for ‘exciting new opportunities’, the agonising adrenaline rush at interviews… I was even applying for jobs using the caravan site’s dodgy WiFi when I was supposed to be on holiday! Job hunting was becoming totally soul-crushing. Then — finally! — after some crossed wires and a Skype interview, I was offered a job in Leith with an outdoor company. Although the onrush of ‘real life’ is a tad scary, I am so grateful to finally call myself employed. The past three months of searching has really highlighted how difficult job hunting can be. Even with a ton of experience and a decent degree, graduates are still fighting over the minimal amount of jobs there are. So, Mr Cameron, how can ‘work pay’ when it’s so damned difficult to find it in the first place?!


France & friends

I’m not long back from a week in Haute-Marne with Jenni, my best friend from high school (read more about it here). And seriously, I can’t even say how grateful I am to know a girl like her! She’s probably one of my oldest friends — we met at high school when we were 13 — and I feel so comfortable in her company. You know, one of those people you can happily sit in silence with and there’s no awkwardness? Have a polarised discussion with, and it won’t descend into an argument? Talk about anything, spend hours looking at interior websites, walk the dog, make dinner, and it never gets dull? As I’ve grown up, I’ve realised even more that it really doesn’t matter how many friends you have; it’s all about quality!

What’s made you happy this month?

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