Life lately: July

Where has the summer gone? Seriously. I think we’ve had the sum total of six days of sunshine here on the west coast, those real summer days where you can actually de-layer, go paddling in the loch and buy ice cream. Perhaps I shouldn’t be complaining: we did get a heatwave, which I suppose in the Scottish scheme of things is a blessing.

On the days when I’ve not been taking day trips to Inchmahome Priory or Loch Lomond, life really has been rather normal. Normal in the very adult sense of the word: work. Along with my Saturday job at the farm shop, I also temped as an admin assistant at an office for two weeks. Safe to say I’m now really looking forward to a slice of caravanning for some me time, to unwind, readjust my horizons and think what next?

While I struggle with that perpetual post-graduation question, I’m going to wave an early goodbye to July by rounding up this month’s stand-out moments.


Family time

Following on from my graduation last month (which was such a lovely day! full of food, Bucks’ Fizz and nervous excitement) I’ve been enjoying those random but special moments with my parents. Walking up to the peak of Queen Elizabeth Forest Park with my old man hobbling behind me, or mad shopping excursions to Glasgow with my mum… It’s funny how when you get older, you appreciate your parents so much more. They are the people who have gone through pains (literally) as you grew up; the people who have supported you every second of the way. I probably would have gone slightly insane in the final semester of uni without their constant encouragement and food deliveries…



I’ve almost got more weddings to attend in July than I’ve ever attended in my life (two. But still). My uncle is getting married this Saturday in County Donegal (a miracle! I thought I’d never see him at the altar… 😜 ) It will be my first time in Ireland so I’m looking forward to exploring the coastlines, walking, taking photos… and experiencing the madness of a true Irish shindig. And — a few weeks ago — C and I went to our friends’ wedding. They both met at the same university society we did, so it was a pretty special day. However, it was yet another post-graduation jolt that really reinforced how life is changing. Some of us are married, some have moved in together, others are living overseas… Time flies. When the hell did we all grow up?


Saying goodbye to this girl!

And while we’re talking about growing up, this girl was by my side the whole time. On Sunday, J finally relocated to France’s rural Champagne region to live with her boyfriend. Luckily there’s no language barrier: J lived in France until she was 13, growing up a few hours from where her partner now lives. Some things are just meant to be, right? But I’m forever grateful that I met this girl. Talking to her for the first time — almost a decade ago — in our high school music room, I tried out some of my rusty French skills… and luckily she didn’t automatically write me off as a maniac! Since then, we’ve gone through so much together: first boyfriends, broken hearts, crazy teenage holidays, year abroad woes and long-distance love… And I suppose, now, our relationship will be long-distance too. We’ve just got one last hurrah in August before real life sinks its claws into our slowly ageing skins. À bientôt mon choux!

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