Life lately: March

March has been a mission. Presentations, rescheduled translations, final essays… This is my last term (ever!) of university, which is simultaneously terrifying and exciting. My existence has been reduced to a simple equation: library and study breaks, then eat, sleep & repeat. Recreation includes refreshing the numerous job websites I’ve permanently got on standby, making tea, messaging B (the long-suffering partner who’s also in the chokehold of a degree) and watching the 8 o’clock French news. That’s as exciting as daily life’s been round here. But tonight (before I hand in my final ever undergrad essay) I want to share a few things that have made me happy this month; a few simple things. A few little loves that have kept me sane.

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Getting away from it all

At the start of the month, B and I managed to wiggle out of work and head west for the weekend. It was his birthday (he’s a quarter of a century young, now!) and I’d booked a remote B&B for the evening. The weather was characteristically awful, so we took refuge in a restaurant and then spent the next morning huddled on the Oban Chocolate Company‘s comfy sofas. Several hot chocolates later, we sprinted along the flooded streets towards Waterstones where ‘Wild‘ and ‘The Establishment‘ were among the purchases. New books and chocolate, a good day all around!

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Signs of spring

As I’ve not really been getting out the library much, my daily dose of fresh air comes as I walk to the station. On the way, I like to do a wee detour via Kelvingrove Park, just to see what signs of spring I’ve missed. A lot can change in a week! Crocuses blooming purple on the lawns, the delicate heads of daffodils slowly appearing and pink blossom buds ready to pop. My younger self never cared much about nature, but just watching the seasons change is so comforting. It reminds me that whatever life throws at you, you can always trust time.

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Solar eclipsing

I feel lucky to have such lovely neighbours. I’d started chatting to this astronomy-mad couple at work about a year ago, and we’d hit it off: they’re both so kind, have a great sense of humour and appreciate the simple things in life. So I was pretty pleased to get an email from them a few days before the eclipse: ‘We’re having a solar eclipse party!’ So on that cloudy Friday morning, we trooped along the road to be welcomed by pastries, tea and a cluster of telescopes. Great fun, even though it rained!

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Just wandering

And when I just wanted to escape one day, I did. Mum and I took a walk into the countryside, past the rolling hills where the horses grazed and into the crooked trees. We were both wearing black; the clouds weren’t as thick as I thought and within a few minutes I’d delayered. It felt like spring! Fresh air, blue sky, freedom… Well, almost. Give it until May 12 and I’ll officially be free, let loose, pitched into the big bad world.

I can’t wait.

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