Five favourites: Scottish Instagrammers

I confess: I’m an Instagram addict. When I got my first smartphone years ago, I was hooked: always on the lookout for that elusive square, finding the beauty in scenes I’d previously ignored, downloading editing software like there was no tomorrow. Things have changed massively since I joined back in 2014, with digital influencers appearing on the scene and the word instafamous coined for those making it big on the platform. So what’s so great about the famous photo app?


Forget about the follower count or the selfies. For me, it’s the ability to discover beautiful places you never knew existed… some of which are right on your doorstep. I follow a lot of Scottish photographers, and I’ve curated my current favourites into this list (updated February 2017). They all stand out in their own way, and in my opinion have less followers than they deserve! So here’s my top five (plus a few extra shout-outs at the bottom to a few other Scotland-based IGers I’m loving right now).

Anastasia | Aberdeen & Edinburgh

I’ve been following Anastasia’s Instagram and her lovely blog for a while now (have a read here!). What’s unique about her feed is that it captures Old Aberdeen’s urban beauty, which I’ve never seen featured on the platform before. She also shares snippets from her daily life — between writing her PhD papers! — like simple pleasures reflected in coffee-fuelled flatlays and stills of strolls or cycles around the cities she lives in. Click here to follow Anastasia.


Connor Mollison | Edinburgh & Glasgow

Splitting his time between Edinburgh and Glasgow, Connor was — rather uniquely for Instagram — a swimmer in a previous life. He shares shots from his travels around Scotland on the photo-sharing platform, which in their terracotta tones and outdoor theme remind me a lot of Ali Horne‘s feed. Connor’s also recently invested in a drone, the fruits of which you can see in this incredible shot above Glenfinnan Viaduct (aka the Harry Potter bridge!) Click here to follow Connor.


Hannah Ketts | Perthshire

I love Hannah’s feed. With the Highlands on her doorstep, Hannah steps away from the oft-photographed landscapes of Glen Coe or Skye and shares unique views that really showcase every corner of Scotland’s magic. She also lets the images speak for themselves with short, simple captions… I wish I could be as concise! Click here to follow Hannah.


Dan Bell | Glasgow

If you’re someone who lives vicariously through other people’s outdoor adventures, then you’ve come to the right Instagram account! Dan’s based in Glasgow but spends a fair chunk of his time exploring the most photogenic spots in Scotland, cycling Glen Etive (watch the YouTube video here!) and heading abroad for long-distance hikes. I love the contrast between the epic scenery and tiny silhouettes in Dan’s photos. Click here to follow him.


Sarah Elisabeth Walker | Glasgow

I only recently discovered Sarah’s Instagram account and it’s fast becoming a favourite. Why? Because I love seeing our wee country through the eyes of someone who is exploring it for the first time! Sarah and her husband Aaron moved to Scotland from America, so Sarah is documenting their adventures on social media and on their blog. I’m enjoying rediscovering parts of Scotland through her feed that I’d forgotten about (like Luss, which isn’t far from my childhood home). Click here to follow Sarah.


Here’s another few of my underfollowed favourites — you can suggest yours in the comments below & I’ll include them in my next update to this post!

Murray | Anaëlle | Dominic | Kate | Matt | Gillian | Amy

Featured image of Matt Blaikie by me, @laretour!

16 thoughts on “Five favourites: Scottish Instagrammers

  1. Precisely why I do IG it is a fabulous source of inspiration but so is WordPress – my advice explore as far as you can and start a bucket list – photography is addictive so is Scotland – not just photographically but emotionally 🙏

    1. Haha glad to know I’m not the only one, Claire! Looks like you enjoyed your Instameet by the way, beautiful photos! Have given you a wee follow over on Bloglovin 🙂 x

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